Wii online functions not ready for launch

Nintendo announced today in a press release that many of the Wii's online functions would not be available when the system launches in North America on Sunday. The release reveals the forecast channel will debut on Dec. 20, while the news channel (with content from the Associated Press) will debut Jan. 17 of next year. The release also suggested that the Wii's Opera browser would not be available for download immediately, saying "more information about the availability of the browser will be released in the coming weeks."

Asylumchild6158d ago

Grrrr Nintendo your like a See-Saw you'll bring my hopes up then you'll bring them down UP then Down Up the down! Stop it and give me more ups! Gameing has all moved to online the only way This console will be good is if the online is acually none laggy and you can interact with the people such threw a mic! Its what all video games are moveing too Not to many people buy games just for single player enymore BESIDES ZELDA haha but seriously Just start giveing me some good news I want to injoy The Wii just as much as I injoy my 360.

UrbanJabroni6158d ago

You've got to admit, compared to the PS3 and 360, it is amazing how little people care about the problems. I'm going to walk into a shop on SUnday and complete my Wii60, and the lack of full featured online doesn't bother me at all on the wii.

I think all the hatered is being used up bu the Sony/MS camp.

potato6157d ago

i think these online functions means alot to nongamers, so Nintendo if u wanna sell wii to them u better work harder!

MaXXiN6157d ago

They already said they first want the real gamers to get a chance to get a wii and when the second load of wii's is there they will start an allout campaign to get everyone playing

PS360WII6157d ago

Well dang it! Now I guess I'm forced to do nothing but play some sweet games for the Nintendo Wii. I mean come on since when has video game consoles been about playing games?
Okay sarcasm aside I don't feel this will be a problem seeing that yes the gamers will go for the Wii first and word of mouth will get non-gamers in just in time for all the non gaming stuff to launch


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