Nintendo to reconsider better graphics after high-def "takes off"

Miyamoto: "We had to compromise on graphics and give up on a powerful chip. Many of our employees initially wanted high-definition graphics. But they agreed with us that graphics wouldn't matter if the games weren't fun to play ... As new chip technology becomes available, we'll consider less power-hungry varieties that don't cost too much. And once high-definition TVs take off, we'll consider the merits of better graphics and more power."

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Dick Jones4448d ago

Stupid comment with no merit on what Nintendo is going to do in the near future.

potato4448d ago

"once high-definition TVs take off" oh ...that means "SUPER Wii" in 2 years....maybe ? =P

rexdriver4448d ago

I'm glad that Nintendo has decided to take gaming in a different direction. Not that there's anything wrong with the direction headed by Microsoft and Sony, but variety is good. I'd sooner have Wii as a 2nd console than PS3 for the simple reason that it'll offer something different.

BIadestarX4448d ago

which means that when the PS5 and the XBox 4 comes out Nintendo's graphics will be like the current Gens.

death monk4448d ago

If they offered a vga cable I would be much more likely to buy a wii. The stability and sharpness of a computer monitor blows away my 18 year old standard definition tv.

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