TheSixthAxis: Hands On With PlayStation TV

TSA: "PlayStation TV is one of the most impressive pieces of kit I’ve seen. It’s primary focus in Western markets is for Remote Play – Sony are pushing it as a multi-room solution for your PS4, so that you can jump from playing a game on the big screen in your sitting room to another screen in your bedroom, gaming room or elsewhere."

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twdll1640d ago

I like it. Sounds like a winner if Sony plays it right, and does not fill it with ads and other bloatware everywhere. Speaking of ads, I wish if you were a subscriber to PSN that PSN ads did not show. Wishful thinking.

Omegasyde1640d ago

Uh, those PSN ads aren't intrusive i.e. show up on the main dashboard. Not sure what you are pointing to.

twdll1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

PSN ads are all over PSN. I am saying that it would be good to not see ANY PSN ads on PSN if you already have it. On my PS3 it is much less than on the PS4, and that makes for a less "intrusive" experience. It seems like ever since PS4 Sony is getting more hungry with ads everywhere. I prefer an ad free experience since Im paying money for the service.

Drekken1640d ago

twdlld, You can start complaining about ads when McDonalds, Burger King, Mountain Dew, and Dorito ads show up.

REDGUM1640d ago

An ad is an ad!
Who cares where it pops up?
Just my opinion!

REDGUM1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Oops. Double post!

twdll1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Im saying its like this... I have a Grooveshark account and I pay for it. It has NO advertisements. My ps4 PSN account is paid as well, it has advertisements (most of which I dont mind) but I dont want to see GET PSN PLUS everywhere when I already have it. Kinda like a better experience for those who have PS PLUS. Just sayin.

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jtsventor1640d ago

Especially with a $99 price tag this is a great value. This will be the only known way to get my Vita games like Killzone, Dragons Crown etc... on my TV which I've been waiting for. With PS Now and a PS4 in my home this should be awesome. I hope it will also allow me to play Vita games multiplayer with my Vita so I can invite friends over.

Whxian1640d ago

there is another way however its an expensive mod that would double the price of the vita, so this will be a cheaper solution.

KwietStorm1640d ago

Are you talking about ads in the store? Advertising things on sale in the store? Because there's nothing on the home screen. What do you mean by all over PSN?

GrandTheftZamboni1640d ago

Ads in the store? Stop the madness!!!

Th4Freak1640d ago

I suspect you have never seen the PSV PSN because the only ads you see are in the dashboard but once you open the app (store) there are no ads...

Conzul1639d ago

Actually PSV has some intrusive advertising on the app-switching page. Always along the bottom.
The one you press and hold the PS button to access.

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Anon19741640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I used to have two PS3's, one for my home entertainment system downstairs in my den and one upstairs in my living room. For me, PSTV is worth $100 bucks to me as a PS4 extender alone. The fact that I can play many of my Vita games on the bigger TV is just icing on the cake.

I can certainly see these things being popular with parents also looking for a cheap console to put in their kids room, or something portable that they could take on vacation with them. Both my brothers picked up new rv's this year with TV's in them and I'm seriously considering getting them each a PSTV for Christmas for their campers so the kids have them for rainy days and can still play with them at home as well.

Edit: Just read that, assuming your internet connection is fast enough these things will stream PS4 over the internet as well like the Vita can do. That's a nice plus. Too bad it won't play media off a usb device as well. That's really the only thing extra I can think that would be nice to have. They have Netflix on everything else, including the Vita. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they have this on PSTV as well.

darthv721640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

streaming the ps4 is the least of my desires for this device. i want it to play vita games on a bigger screen. i do that now with my PSP Go hooked to a tv and using an extra sixaxis controller.

But the beauty of the Go is i can undock it and keep playing. I was really expecting sony to make a vita with tv out but this is just as good.

What i am most interested in is if i can pop out the memory card from the vita and put it into this device an still play the games saved to it.

i know that with the PSP, if you dl a game to the memory card in one PSP and then tried to put that card into another psp it would not let those games play. something to do with the way the games are locked to the originating system so i hope its much easier with vita to pstv.

i will read the article now and see if that is addressed.

Anon19741640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I didn't see them mention it in this article, but I believe before with the Vita TV in Japan they said you could just switch the cards between Vita and VitaTV and keep playing the same games. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure I read that somewhere. I hope that's correct, because that would be a concern for me as well. When I'm playing Rayman on my Vita, I'd like to continue the same game I'm playing on my PSTV.

As for issues with games that require the touch screen heavily like Tearaway, too bad the Vita can't simply act as a PSTV controller. I'd love to just fire up my Vita and have it output to a TV screen wirelessly. :)

darthv721640d ago

dark...i would think that with the vita being bluetooth compatible, sony could implement some sort of fw update that allows you to pair the vita to the pstv for use as a controller.

that would be ideal. Maybe sony has been playing around with that option but have not quite gotten it to work right. in time though...i could see them making it work.

BattleTorn1640d ago

I'm dying for it to ship!!!

Killzoner991640d ago

"PlayStation TV is one of the most impressive pieces of kit I’ve seen."
Was there ever any doubt? This is Sony we're talking about. Playstation TV will no doubt be successful , I just hope Sony can keep up with demand.

barb_wire1640d ago

Let's just hope Sony supports PSTV.. cause they did a lackluster job with the PSP and now they're repeating it with the Vita.

KwietStorm1640d ago

PSP had great support. It was the hackers that moved developers away, and Sony isn't or can't do much about that.

hkgamer1640d ago

demand is not going to be that high. its just the practicality i think. i mean look at its competitors and its ui and apps, then compare it to the vita/pstv. its definitely lacking in on demand video apps.

the ui is not suitable for tv screen.

the only plus side is that it can play many games such as psone, psp games. stream ps2 &3 through now in the near future. stream ps4 games if you have a ps4. only bad side is the limited vita games that may or may not work.

i'll get this once it has atleast the channels i have from the ps3/4.

Omegasyde1640d ago

Sorta like how they dropped support for PS move....

Clown_Syndr0me1640d ago

Ill buy this as I want to play Vita Games, but zi don't want a Vita. I wont use the PS4 extension features, but its great to know theyre there if there's ever a change in my circumstances.

hkgamer1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

you may have compatability issues, since many vita games require the use of the fron or rear touchpad. not sure if that problem has been resolved yet.



i know it does sound stupid, but they should allow vita users to use their vita as a controller. i know many people that would love to play some vita games staring at a big screen.

Anon19741640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Obviously some games aren't going to be able to port over. While some touch screen controls can be mapped to button layouts, really...what can you do with a game like Tearaway that uses the Vita's camera and both front and back touch? There's really no way to make that work on a single controller.

Or rubbing etchings on Uncharted, or when you have to hold your Vita up to the light to see through an image as part of the puzzle solving. You'd just have to be able to skip over those, or remove them altogether to make it work.

Unless they made the Vita an optional controller for PSTV. :) Of course, that wouldn't help Clown above who doesn't particularly want a Vita.

Clown_Syndr0me1640d ago

Well if that's the case I wont buy it. But its been out in Japan for a while and I wasn't aware of any problems.
I wont lose sleep over it, but if they make all (or atleast most) games compatible somehow then ill definately buy it, if not ill pass.

@darkride Id only get a Vita if I could stream to the TV, without the use of an extra peripheral. I wouldn't buy both PS TV and a Vita for example.

Spotie1639d ago

Why don't you just buy a damn Vita? That doesn't make any sense.

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