The Bourne Conspiracy PS3 Requires 5GB Install

When will it all end? PS3 hard drives are gonna be full everywhere soon. Sure you can upgrade your hard drive, but do developers need to make 5GB installs all the time? The latest to share the hard drive is The Bourne Conspiracy, which shipped to retailers today from Sierra.

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drunkpandas5884d ago

If they're small, it's not that big of a deal. But so many games now requiring 4-5gb of data is just insane

fenderputty5884d ago

but I'm not really all that concerned. You can delete install date without affecting game saves. Just reinstall later. It's a pain, but whatever. I'm thinking of getting and external HDD for my PS3 anyway.

crck5884d ago (Edited 5884d ago )

I mean the whole game fits into 9gb. And they have to do 5gb installs? Somethings not right there... I have a 120gb hard drive in my Ps3 with about 70gb free. But most casuals don't.

fenderputty5884d ago


I'm not casual and I don't have that much space.

Why it's so large? Sounds like a shortcut to me. Who knows though.

Genesis55884d ago (Edited 5884d ago )

So why is my hard drive going to fill up? After I've played the game and beat it and then mess around with it a little bit after that. I just delete it off my hard drive. Why would I leave it on? If a while down the road I want to play it again, I'll just reinstall it.

I honestly do not see why this is such a big issue to some people. Believe me the load times are way quicker and the over all performance of the game is much better when the data is streaming from the hard drive.

colonel1795883d ago

So you have to install 5gb so what? That is for the Game Data Utility, so whenever you finish the game you can delete it. It is not like if you delete it your game saves are going to get deleted too. People are making this a big issue because they need to find some reason to hate the ps3. If this gets resolved, I can bet a million dollars that they will find another reason.

I have 24 games, and I just have 4 games in my "Game Data Utility" folder, because I don't play most of the other. I also started playing DMC 4 again, so i installed it again and there was no problem. It's not the end of the world

JasonXE5883d ago

why do you need to 5gb install everything when the blu ray is so big???

CrazzyMan5883d ago

HDD was made to remove loadings, not for install of soem average games.
I hope sales will suck, people should support install for every AVERAGE game, i can deal when the game is MASTERPIECE like MGS4, FFXIII or GT5, but some average sh1t? No way!

p.s. though you can change anytime HDD to 250GB, i still don`t support when average game takes so much install.
Is that so hard to be like Naughty Dog or insomniac? Ratchet and Uncharted says hi!

Real Gambler5883d ago

When the specifications for the PS3 came out, one of the nicest selling point was: "They will ALL have hard drives, so devs will be able to use them since it's not an option"

Now, devs use the hard drive, and they shouldn't????

What's the point of having hard drives in all the PS3 then??? Just for the look? Nah, you cannot even see it? You would think they put a hard drive in ALL the PS3 so devs could use it, but I may be wrong. Ya, those nasty devs should not use it. Heck, the PS3 also come with a game controller, but they should not use it either. Shoot, I just thought that it comes with a bluray drive too, but they should not use that too. They should ship their game on a USB key. That would be totally foolish to use the hardware provided! Yep, doesn't make sense to use something available on all the consoles. I'm sure the hard drive was not designed to hold games stuff. Those Sony engineers likely had something else in mind for it. Likely put your numerous recipes on it? Or maybe it was just for Linux... Yep, that's it, they never thought somebody would put games data on it. Dang I hate those devs : )

mikeslemonade5883d ago

I can fit 20 5gb game installs on HDD in the PS3. Do I really need to be playing 20 games simulataneously. Just delete the install when you are done playing the game.

bakasora5883d ago

This might represent bad coding. I played the demo, the loading is so slow.

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skynidas5884d ago

Thats a lot for such a crappy game

Sev5884d ago

Agreed. 5GB for MGS4, perfectly acceptable. 5GB for Bourne... Nope

Says you5884d ago

Just stream load like Gurriella does for Killzone 2 thats actually a better method then taking all the space from your HDD!.

pegger245884d ago


Do you usually do more work for the same result? I am sick of everyone always calling people laze and greedy when they do installs or take any short cuts, My guess is when you go to work you do just enough, like everyone else, and I also bet you have never said to your boss, I am going to work harder todaythan I normally do but I would like to make less money for the day.
Get off your god **** high horse, at least Sony included the option to up your hard drive, so what does it even matter

Coheno5883d ago

Unfortunatly it also takes more time and costs more money... I think that's why many 3rd party studios choose the easy way and make a 5 GB install, which is ridiculous!

InMyOpinion5883d ago

Not all developers have $60 million to play with like Guerilla.

If Sony(or whoever is responsible) gave them better support maybe they could.

Mr_Showtime15883d ago

firstly, Im at still at school so I dont work and secondly, when developers like Naughty Dog can make a came like Uncharted or Insomniac with Resistance and Ratchet and Clank with no installs or and on some occasions basically no load times, then games like this and Haze come along, which are below par games which eat up our harddrives on our PS3's and charge £40 for it then I for one am not going to accept it.

CViper5883d ago

Naughty Dog didn't have 6 0 million for Uncharted. Yet it streams.

As does Burnout after the initial load.

Lazy developers can install on the HDD faster than they can stream/cache. If they have ridiculous deadlines. Konami could have, but hey.. for some reason they didn't.

It doesn't bother people that actually Own Ps3's because we can just uninstall old games that you dont play anymore.

It bothers 360 fans.

But lets not pretend that its impossible for the Ps3 to run games sans install.

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celticlonewolf5884d ago

Game installs are getting slightly out of hand lol what happend to the good old days of stick a disk in and of you go lol. Pitty devs can do the same as oblivion or uncharted where the just catche data to the hard drive you just need what was it around 2 gigs free no install no room taken.

Nostradamus5884d ago

quote: "what happend to the good old days of stick a disk in and of you go"

Those "good old days" are still around, its only the PS3 that does this, the 360 and even Wii do not require installs.

monks5884d ago

correct me if i am wrong but this seems to be mainly an issue on multi platform games

is it because of dvd vs blu ray

i remember hearing something about a file to tell the game where to find the data on a bluray other wise it increases load time trying to find the data

i am sure some of it is sloppy coding but it might just be a side affect of old tech vs new

once 360 adds a bigger media games will get bigger and this will be less of an issue maybe

this is just my thinking i am sure i am wrong :-)