Texter Enables In-game Messaging from Controller

Blue Orb, a company dedicated to the development of advanced input systems, announced today the Blue Orb's Texter, a device that plugs in between the Xbox 360 and the controller to enable in-game messaging without the need of a full QWERTY keyboard or the on-screen keyboard provided by the Xbox 360 dashboard.

The Texter appears to be a USB keyboard to the console and game. Once connected, a simple double click of your controller's left thumbstick activates the Texter so you can start typing. If you click the left stick again, you get back to the game.

You need to apply two rings that come with the Texter, each one fit right around the thumbsticks. One have eight colored zones, the other has eight zones, each one holding four letters from the alphabet.

To type a letter, you select with the left thumbstick the color of the zone that has that letter and then with the right thumbstick you select the area...

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CyberSentinel4449d ago

You might as well use the on screen menu, or better yet, a USB keyboard.

Arkham4449d ago

Still, I like the idea of having it as an option.

Bring on voice recognition!

Dlacy13g4449d ago

what about those games that use the left stick "push in" as a game feature like ducking? How would this work exactly?

joemutt4449d ago

If you ducked and then immediately stood up, you might accidentally get the menu, but I think it will be turned off during gameplay, maybe activated when in a menu or something.

I wouldnt wory about that, I am sure they have thought of something.

PS360PCROCKS4449d ago

eh this is kinda lame look at games like COD and GOW how would you find the time (unless your dead for the match) to type a message, because once you certainly stop anywhere in GOW your usually dead very quickly

joemutt4449d ago

I think it is for sending messages through the dashboard, not when you are playing. I would rather just tell the guy I just owned instead of texting it to him.

But typing out a message in the dashboard to send is a pain sometimes, so it would probably be used there.

I heard MS is bringing out a wireless keyboard and mouse for the 360 anyways so this probably wont be needed.