Citizens of Earth Preview: Saving the world, EarthBound style | GameZone

GameZone: "It's funny to think that a title that used the tagline “this game stinks” has actually gone on to inspire so many modern games. Yes, I'm talking about EarthBound. I mean, duh, it's only the greatest RPG of all time! Well, at least to me it is. In any case, another recent game that proudly wears its EarthBound inspiration is Citizens of Earth, a quirky, comedic, and lighthearted RPG from Eden Industries that still does plenty of things differently to help it stand out from its SNES forefather."

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Neonridr2900d ago

Game is shaping up nicely. Will definitely check this out. Loved Earthbound.

TheSanchezDavid2900d ago

Yeah, it definitely has that comedic EarthBound vibe. Loved playing the demo at E3 this year.