Sony Working on PS4 User Interface Improvement, New Firmware Incoming Hints Insider

Well known industry insider, Tidux has teased some interesting update coming to Playstation 4 in few days time. Via Twitter, Tidux hinted a brand new firmware for Playstation 4 and also revealed some around Sony are indeed working on User Interface improvement for Playstation 4.

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Majin-vegeta1583d ago

*Crosses fingers*for Ext HDD support.

I reckon will hear about it in the next week or two.If it's true.

JoGam1583d ago

Hopefully this comes out very soon.

XisThatKid1583d ago

Would be nice to get Touchpad swipe support for the entire interface especially web browser
Change themes, Change color on Controller per user,Group friends, Group or folder items and games/apps, along with all the other features everyone is b*tching about but that's not user interface stuff but they should just do it anyway. I'm sure all these features and additions will be added in time.

minimur121583d ago

I'm realy preffered the ps3 UI, in all honesty.
I kinda think this looks like a bit of a mess, I mean on the PS3, you knew where your; videos, photos, music, games, PSN was.

but with the PS4, everything is just chucked into the abyss of one huge extra long line I really like the bit where you come up and it shows messages, PSN, PS Store, etc, but the main interface is annoying. If I wanna play a game I haven't played in a while (digital) on PS3 I know it'd be in the folder, and it'd be organised alphabetically, so it'd be roughly this amount down. Cool.

If I wanted to play a game on the PS4 I haven't played in a while, there's no saying where it'll be in that long line, and think about it guys, in a 2 years time of 2 games a month plus whatever games you buy, there'll be more than another 60 tiles in the line

fr0sty1583d ago

They definitely need to tweak the UI, mine is starting to get very cluttered with games and finding certain games and apps takes longer than it should. They need a way to organize the icons better.

rainslacker1583d ago


In addition it'd be nice to be able to delete items off that line when we aren't using them. Like if you just try out a PS+ game and don't feel like playing it but don't want to delete it. The item would still remain in the library folder.

Being able to pin our choice of frequently used items to the start of the line would be nice as well.

Blackcanary1582d ago

@mini why would u do that when if u have the hands free kit or the camera say "Playstation Play <name of game>" and it will bring the game up and start playing it. I have never had to search for any of my games that i wanna play since u can do this.

Mr Pumblechook1582d ago

Sorry but I have no truck with this vague 'leak.'

Gamepur were always posting Thurway stories until he was exposed last week by Naughty Dog for talking BS. They even made a story about it! Look:

But now we've got Tidux who says there are 'over 100 people working on the UI.' And '"All this testing is blowing my mind!' Well you know what? Shuhei Yoshida revealed that last week!

Fakers tease. Insiders give solid information.

BLow1582d ago

Wait a minute. Where's all the OUTRAGE!!!! This news is from an insider...haha.

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SniperControl1583d ago

Yep, totally agree, i now have have over 20 icons on that bar, pain in the ass trying to find the game i want.

Games in folders all sorted in alphabetical order or date installed.

GameSpawn1583d ago

YES!!!! Please!!

I have 30!! titles (games/apps) currently in my library and my PS4 UI is a cluster#$%^.

It would be better to only have the last 3-4 games/apps played on the forefront of the "start bar" and the rest conveniently tucked away in sortable folders.

RandomGamer1583d ago

That would be glorious , I already have a huge line of games already and the console isn't even near a year old , and I plan on buying somewhere in the range of 7-10 games this fall for my PS4 so it will be even more insane if they don't give us folders.

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XtraTrstrL1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I just want them to allow us to copy everything properly to another internal HD that we want to install, so we don't have to re-download games and stuff after replacing the HDD like you can do on PS3. It would be nice if they could once and for all get the video recording to work 100% consistently, or much closer than it does now. Too many times it has no new recording when you hit 'share', though the last patch may have slightly increased the odds of it working.

randomass1711583d ago

That would be quite nice. I incidentally changed SD cards on my 3DS and transferring the data operates as simply as copy/pasting it. It'd be quite awesome if Sony made it just as convenient with PS4 HDDs.

darthv721583d ago

It does seem rather strange that sony didnt have some sort of transfer feature. hell even the 360 had a transfer cable that you could use to move all your content from one drive to another.

being able to use an external hdd enclosure, you can plug into the ps4 and transfer the content to a larger drive. Remove the larger drive from the enclosure and put into the ps4 all your stuff is ready to go.

i did that the other night going from a 120gb to a 250gb on my 360.

M1ST4K31583d ago

If you really need to do that I can help you.
There's an unix program dd that performs bit-to-bit copies from one device to another:

By no means I consider that a solution, I just wanted to help you in case you/anyone really needed it. I really think SONY should provide an easier way of doing that.

TimeSkipLuffy1582d ago

Yep! Yep! Yep! I was hoping for this feature before my HD gets full! Same backup features or even better one than the PS3 but let's start with things the PS3 can do... XD

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KinjoTakemura1583d ago

The PS4 doesn't need an external hard drive. There are plenty of 1Terabyte hard drives that are compatible with the PS4. An upgrade isn't beyond the technical capabilities of the average gamer either.

Majin-vegeta1583d ago

Don't you think I know that shirlock??But my 1TB HDD isnt gonna last me forever.

KinjoTakemura1583d ago

Then get a hard drive with a larger capacity. They do exist SHERLOCK...

MysticStrummer1583d ago

Interesting potential mash-up is born…

Laverne and Shirlock.

marlinfan101583d ago

isn't a 2 TB HDD the max right now? id rather have a 4 TB external drive that i can plug in and out whenever i want.

Axecution1583d ago

Honestly I just wanna be able to play my music. and 3D blurays.

There's still so much missing that even the Vita can do that the ps4 can't.

TimeSkipLuffy1582d ago

I have switched to digital only and 2TB is the max for the PS4 currently. I don't think it will go higher in the future. The safest way to make sure you can get the biggest HD available is an external drive that is not limited to fit into a specific cage!

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XiSasukeUchiha1583d ago

PS4 menu Improvements Over 9000!

1583d ago
ramiuk11583d ago

folders,change colur backgrounds,MKV and usb support

ForgivenZombie1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Exactly what I was thinking. Custom backgrounds/ themes would be nice too.

ThatOneGuyThere1583d ago

I want to use the touchpad while using the web browser. I want the vita to be able to browse in portrait mode.

tawak1583d ago

i wish for decent web browser with flash or html5!

MilkMan1582d ago

Make this happen SONY. Dont tell me that Nintendo can do this but you cant!

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Mikelarry1583d ago

Tidux the guy who just got ousted by naughty dog to have bad info when he claimed they were showing Uncharted 4 in closed doors.... yeah ill wait for official word

sause_order18861583d ago

it was Thuway aka Ahsan Rasheed

Mikelarry1583d ago

ah right, thanks for clearing that up. still waiting for official word

Kayant1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

He is still equally BS not as much but close. The same guy that said GG/that game company will be at E3, Update 1.71 iirc was coming within a certain time and never did, Network improvements (Well no one can really prove that). MP3 support supposedly up and running which has yet to be shown
then again that's not insider info Sony alrady said it's coming at some point. And some others I cannot remember atm.

SonyMontana1583d ago

Equally but not as much? Mind = blown.

M1ST4K31583d ago

News: outsider Mikelarry busted.

jk :) I thought the same, but then I remembered was Thuway

BitbyDeath1583d ago

Tidux is the guy that spilled the beans on the other firmware updates and was right.

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SmielmaN1583d ago

In all honesty, give me the option to use the PS3 style interface. That is just about perfect for me.

Ultr1583d ago

I liked it too. Psp had the same. Was great but the ps4 one is super cool.
Just needs some tweeks like folder creation

randomass1711583d ago

I think since the architecture is different they designed the UI around that. It seems to be an industry standard with new consoles now. I'm sure those improvements will come with a little time.

InTheZoneAC1583d ago

Businesses don't like the motto "simple is better".

They look for flash, what's new, and how can they entice people to buy MORE.

rainslacker1583d ago

I've come to appreciate the XMB simplicity. Only thing I didn't like is when I got enough digital games from PS+ to make that folder item a really long list.

I wouldn't mind a Vita interface option either. It's pretty good, and the touchpad is on the controller to make it work.:)

0P-Tigrex1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Good. The Ps4 needed an update for that UI since launch. Can't wait for it.

0P-Tigrex1583d ago

The UI is completely unorganized and clustered. Don't know why i'm getting disagrees.

ramiuk11583d ago

i would like folders so i can put genres in them and maybe the last 3 things i used kept on the main bar.

SonyMontana1583d ago

Because facts are irrelevant on the internet.

M1ST4K31583d ago

Different opinions, nvm the disagree button... it's the internet :)

I agree with that, though... with 30+ squares in that main line, it's touching in the borderline of unusable UI.

rainslacker1583d ago

I thought it was alright the first couple months. But now I have about 20 games for it, and it's becoming a bit burdensome. Particularly since i'm done playing some of those games for a while yet they still sit on my bar. The library tab could use some folders bad.

billybehr1583d ago Show
Drekken1583d ago

All it needs is folders with sorting options.

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Fixay1582d ago

I agree with you

The option to simply group stuff on the UI would be enough for now.

Scrolling along the bar to find an app is just plain annoying, why can't I simply press R2 to snap to my apps and the press R2 again to snap to my games etc

yazter1583d ago

Insiders are so credible.