Viva Piñata XBox 360 Review

Do you know what a Horstacio is? How about a Chewincorn? No? Well you have not played Viva Piñata. Viva Piñata is the latest creation from Rare software, the developers of Perfect Dark, and Kameo. This game ties a lot of different genres together, but unlike other games it does not fail in the execution of any of them.

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PS360PCROCKS4451d ago

wow a 9.5 that's really good, this is something I might need to get because seriously the sims is a cool game so this might be a very addictive game

Munky4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

It might be since I don't really play these types of games and I suck, but it's tough!! Seems like the Pinatas try to avoid my garden for some reason. If you have a lady who enjoys gaming and or kids, this game is defintely geared towards them so they would enjoy it. If not, I would suggest that you rent it first. Still a pretty cool game tho!!

Islandkiwi4451d ago

I just got this from Gamefly today. Played it for ten minutes then bought it off the website. The graphics are gorgeous and from just a small taste of gameplay I know this one's a keeper.

Capt CHAOS4451d ago

However, the overall reviews (85% from game rankings), show a good solid game. Nice.

Anerythristic264451d ago

This game is just plain good. It's good if your 8 , 18 or 28 and older. A real classic. Highly recommended.

Lucidmantra4450d ago

The fun of playing Viva Pinata... And those who have my gamertag around here see I am playing it alot lately. Is that it is fun to see what happens next. To get the things you need to level, and new and more complicated pinatas into your garden. It is simplistic in the way that all the Animal Crossings are... But it has that same. Wait and see what happens next or what you can do with the vast tools it gives you to do the things it does. My wife sits and says... Pinatas! You don't grow pinatas (she is mexican) and I said hell yeah Pinatas rock. If you like to play Animal Crossing, The Sims, or Harvest Moon this game is a ton of fun and has a great balance of time to reward output. It won't win any big awards but it is a solid game with alot of fun graphic and dialog treats. Well disserving of a 9.5 and the 85% it is garneing in reviews. It isn't just for kids even though that is who it is targeted towards.