Why Battlefield Hardline will be a prettier, less buggy game than Battlefield 4

A collection of thoughts from Visceral and DICE employees

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Goro3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Well obviously Visceral aren't going to say the game is buggy whether it is or not because that would lead to decreased sales. Who takes the game creators opinions of their own game seriously?

Askanison43687d ago

Well, to be fair to them, they've set the bar extremely low by saying "less buggy than BF4". They may just have said "It will have guns" and we'd have the same amount of new information

PeaSFor3687d ago

no jets, no tanks, no apc ...no BF Hardline for me, they removed what i like about BF(been playing ALL bf since bf1942) so they totally lost me with that add-on...uh i mean that full game...

wake me up when BF5 start

SolidStoner3686d ago

yeah... I was hoping more Battlefield Vietnam or 1942 direction but this is even more POP than I could ever imagine.. well at least Cop's vs Gang stuff sounds fun..

brish3687d ago

I wonder if this means they aren't going to fix bf4?!

Th4Freak3687d ago

Funny thing is that the PS4 beta has the very same bug than BF4 (PS4) that when the game starts the vehicles dont have any sound until like 30 secs.

So basically the didnt change anything other than maps and models. That made me think that $60 for this game is a ripoff.

ArchangelMike3687d ago

Well at the moment it's definately not a "prettier game" than BF4.

Oh and we'll probably stop saying "next-gen" consoles when you stop developing for "last-gen" consoles!!!

BattleReach3687d ago

Indeed. BF4 on PS4 looks way better then the BFH PS4 Beta.

Audiggity3687d ago

Well said! I agree. Until developers are working forward and not backward, X1 and PS4 are still next gen.


For me (I have said this a few times) next gen really starts with the Witcher 3.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great games coming this year and all that, but the witcher is the first that to me really feels like it's doing everything next gen.

Audiggity3687d ago


I'd have to agree. There are a few games taking the "next gen only" approach and this is one of them. (it looks great too)

Sadly, I have not played the series at all due to lack of time. But I do have the first 2 for PC, just haven't started them yet!

ArchangelMike3687d ago

@Dark Witness
My sentiments exactly. The Witcher 3 for me is the first real 'next-gen' title, and it will lead the pack in 2015, followed by The Division, The Order, Uncharted 4 just to name a few.

Start with The Witcher 2, you don't really need to have played the game, but the second is absolutely phenomenal. My laptop can run it on high settings so I'm guessing you'll have no real problems maxing it out. It looks gorgeous and plays very well.

dead_pixels3687d ago

Interesting, because I personally thought the PS4 beta looked bland and lifeless compared to BF4, with some seriously bland textures and unimpressive cityscapes.

GarrusVakarian3687d ago

Agreed. An incredibly ugly game. Brown and grey everywhere.

dirigiblebill3687d ago

Feels like they could haven't done the premise justice. Heists are all about casinos and gold bars and loud shirts, shirley?

Arkardo3687d ago

Agree on textures, lowest quality ever, but it's a beta.

What annoys me more it's the fact that does not appeal as a brand new game to me, more like a Dlc.

dead_pixels3687d ago

Sure, it's beta, but the game is only a few months away from release. I hate to say it, but the finished product isn't going to look much better.

Phoenix763687d ago

When a game reaches beta it means it practically finished. So don't expect any improvement over what's been shown already. If it was still in alpha they could of improved it graphically.

Ozmoses3687d ago

yeah. I'm done with BF.. gonna finish up the last trophies I need on BF4 and rid myself of it.

between BF3 and BF4 with Platinum on both over the last few years... I've grown tired and stale..

I'm ready for a wave of new games and BF: Hardline didn't offer anything new or cool.. The beta was completely horrible.

IrishSt0ner3687d ago

Haven't touched BF since WD released and previously finished up the achievements, although 2 more map packs w/ new ones to come, and to be fair it plays a lot better nowand can see myself going back occasionally.

Guna skip Hardline and wait fo Battlefront.

princejb1343687d ago

I agree. I can't even finish the campaign without it deleting my save file when I turn off my ps4 smh
Bf4 is the last bf I will ever buy

JBSleek3687d ago

Because BF4 was the beta for Hardline.

ArchangelMike3687d ago


That made laugh so much!