E3 2014 | Sega Missed the Mark With Sonic Boom, and That’s a Shame - The Game Fanatics

I grew up playing the Sonic games on Genesis so I look forward to every new entry in the series. This time around, I won’t even be giving it much thought at after my hands on with Sonic Boom at E3.
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FlyingFoxy2680d ago

I kinda gave up hope of it being good after it looked more like Heroes rather than the Adventure games, oh well.

2680d ago
lilbroRx2680d ago

This game isn't even made by SEGA. Doesn't matter in the realm of sensationalized journalism though. Accuracy and truthfulness don't generate as many hits I guess. Its much easier to bash SEGA just like how people were bashing Nintendo for one of the characters in Hyrule Warriors having big breast even though that game was designed and is being developed by Tecmo-Koei alone.

This is a children's game made to accompany a children's. Why are people trying make this game into more than what's its suppose to be and then bashing it for not being it?

DaleCooper2680d ago

The gameplay I've seen did not inspire much hope of Sonic Boom being a good game, but I believe the TV show has a good chance of being a hit. It has an adventurous vibe and I like the voices.

Enigma_20992680d ago

Why in the hell did they think that of all the things to fix in this game, the character designs was the most important one?

And why are you not just giving him back to Dimps?

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