Nintendo's Official DS Flashcart Out In July 2008?

Nine over ten: "Some of you might remember Nintendo's late last year announcement that it will be collaborating with AM3 to introduce the first ever official Slot-1 flashcart for the Nintendo DS, the D3Vision. It looks like anybody who is interested will need not wait any longer as Play-Asia has already listed the D3Vision to be on sale on the 3rd of July 2008."

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Imallvol73884d ago

Color me confused? They made a modchip for their own system?

ThatArtGuy3884d ago

Flash carts aren't only for roms. I'm sure if Nintendo were to release one it would be for photos, etc.

bym051d3884d ago

It's not going to be a modchip or a hack device. It'll allow you to *purchase* content like movies and books and whatnot.

You won't be able to use it to do homebrew or play NES, or SNES, or NDS games from the flash memory.

From the article:

"So how will the D3Vision fare? I think it will probably attract a nice market, unlike people who purchase music via iTunes. I’ll probably get one to join my collection of Nintendo DS games."

I wonder if he is confused and meant "niche market." I don't imagine this thing will sell well... it'll be lucky to match the numbers of the gameboy printer.

Imallvol73884d ago

That thing sounds utterly useless then. What a terrible idea. Did they not forget the 90% of the people who bought a DS were casual gamers who would never figure out how to use this?

Crazywhitie3884d ago

Can't beat them join them, and make the best card

PS360WII3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Sweet this would bring on the ability to get vids, manga, and even complete games for the Wii to your DS with that bad boy ^^ and legal too lol that's always good right.

I'd get one of these for sure. Hope they bring this along side the Wii HDD ^^

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