Kingdom Hearts 3 Fundamentally Changes The Series, Dev't Progressing Nicely

No release date, but progress has gone without any hitches so far.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Let me Guess:

Kingdomg Hearts 3!
Available in 2018 on PS3, PS4 , PS5, 360, Xbox Uno, and Xbox Dos.

XiSasukeUchiha1610d ago

Funny! but no Naruto far from, Square Enix, doesn't want Kingdom Hearts 3 delayed or DOOM will come upon them.

rdgneoz31610d ago

"doesn't want Kingdom Hearts 3 delayed or DOOM will come upon them"

Same could be said about FF XV. It was announced in 2006 for the PS3. 8 years later and no release date set... Hell, no footage at E3.

infinitewords1610d ago

I think both of these profiles belong to the same person. It's kinda suspicious they both start with "Xi" followed by the name of a character from the Naruto franchise.

XiNarutoUzumaki1610d ago

N4G doesn't allow Multiple accounts. We aren't the same. We are Naruto fans!

kevinsheeks1610d ago

All the strange stuff I've seen online I've learnt how to just play along if he wants it to be two different people who am I to sit here in argue with him

I will treat them as two people because fighting him won't change anything

colonel1791610d ago

The series has become darker and I that's a great thing. People that played Kingdom Hearts have grown up and it's nice to see that the series has grown up with them too, even a little bit.

spacecat50501610d ago

Never played the other ones but I am looking forward to playing this.

CloudyAero1609d ago

I got to be honest, go play 1 & 2 so you won't be confused. A lot happens in Kingdom Hearts.

DivineAssault 1610d ago

cross gen maybe? Hopefully... I gotta admit that i dont like having to use my PS3 being spoiled with my PS4 & how awesome it runs... I will if i have to though.. I loved KH 1 & 2

Taislin1610d ago

It´s next gen only my boy.

DivineAssault 1610d ago

Oh? Thats great! But i think you mean "Current" gen... I thought it was only confirmed for PS3 but if its PS4, thats FN awesome

LoveOfTheGame1610d ago

It was confirmed X1 and PS4 at last year's E3 I believe.

no_more_heroes1610d ago

Damn you for taking so long!

Ah well, good to hear, I suppose.

Looking forward to playing this from beginning to end 5 times or more when it does reach (like I did with KH2 and Mass Effect 2).

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