Destiny Is a PlayStation Exclusive in Japan

In the West, upcoming shooter Destiny is a multiplatform game. In Japan, it's not. It's a PlayStation exclusive, Sony announced today.

Gazondaily3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

This is Japan we're talking about. Even Xbox games are exclusive to the stores they are sold in lol.

Still, I wonder what MS make of this? They are trying (for some reason) in Japan this time round it seems so this must be a blow to them.

MWong3688d ago

This is very true. However, this is a multiplatform game. I just wonder why Activision decided to go this route. A country specific console exclusive for a international multiplatform title.

Askanison43688d ago


That's why I found it odd.

If the work is all completed why not release anyway and get something from it?

Gazondaily3688d ago

Has Sony actually made a deal here with Activision or what?

What's going on here because this is the first time (afaik) I've heard of region specific exclusivity for a third party title..

shivvy243688d ago

Activision doesn't publish in Japan, for example they get s.enix to publish cod over there. SCEJA is publishing destiny so obviously its gonna be Sony exclusive there.

Askanison43688d ago


I see. I wonder was that part of the publishing agreement?

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B_Real3688d ago

The Japanese don't play FPSers, it's a cultural thing. Probably why the exclusivity. I doubt Destiny will sell more than 50,000 units total in Japan.

Ausbo3688d ago

I'm not trolling it anything, but will Japan even be interested in this type of game?

Naga3688d ago

I'm surprised, but I'm not too surprised.

Perjoss3688d ago

Interesting. On a scale of 1 to 10 how surprised would you say you are? If you feel like using a scale of 1 to 100 for more accuracy then feel free to do so.

REDGUM3688d ago

5/10 or 50/100?
What do ya recon, 1/2 supprised?

Naga3687d ago

I'd put it at about 6 to 6.5/10 surprised. On the one hand, I'm surprised by the boldness of the move to solidify market position. But on the other hand, I'm not terribly surprised because the Xbox brand has such a small footprint in the Japanese market.

Ultimately, a move like this won't change the dynamics in Japan, but it will probably serve to keep the current situation from changing any time soon.

HeavenlySnipes3688d ago


That's big for Sony. This game is gonna be amazing if what I played in the alpha is any indication

dodgemoose3688d ago

Not really. Xbox doesn't have much of a presence in Japan anyway.

MWong3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

My thoughts exactly. MS has never been a big seller in Japan. I think the 360 only sold like 1.6 million consoles in it's console cycle.

With that said the question I ask is why did Activision decide to go this way? Also will more publishers follow suit when it comes to Japanes games?

Tapani3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Halo 3 sold the most in Japan among Bungie titles so far. A quick search says Media Create numbers were just short of 60k during the first week of sales.

In the US and Europe it sold around 2-3 million copies in the first week.

So 2-3% of their initial sales came from Japan, where western games sell 90%-95% copies during their first week, and at the same time thinking that Destiny's Japan exclusivity is a "big for Sony" is... well... I'll let others to decide! :D

djplonker3688d ago

Yeah but the xbone was just announced to have a day one edition in japan even less people will buy that now


WeAreLegion3688d ago

I understand why it's not getting a 360 release there, but not even considering an Xbox One version in Japan is strange.

Askanison43688d ago

What I find strange is that I wouldn't imagine that this would be a problem of time spent on development or support since the Xbox One version will be created completed by then and all of the localisation needs to be done for PS4 anyway.

It's bound to be a completely financial thing. I wonder did Sony pay for this exclusivity to keep MS out of Japan on this one. It's odd though since Destiny likely wouldn't have been too successful on Xbox One anyway in Japan all things considered.

darren_poolies3688d ago

Sony are publishing it in Japan.

Zichu3688d ago

I've heard people saying that shooters don't do very well in Japan. Again, I don't really keep track of that kind of stuff, but if it's true, would this game sell that well in Japan. I have checked some games sales in Japan on the PS4 and they aren't that good. Knack was the best at 400k or so, the rest didn't even break 100k...

dcj05243688d ago

Nah, Battlefield 4,GTA V and killzone Mercenary did well in Japan.

Zichu3688d ago

Killzone Mercenary sold 40k in Japan. Battlefield 4 sold 90k on PS4 and 240k on PS3.

GTA V did amazing at 760k.

I just don't see this game hitting BF4 on PS3 or GTA V on PS3 kind of numbers in Japan. It will probably be between Killzone and BF4 on PS4.

Inception3688d ago

I don't know if Destiny will sold well or not in japan. But right now japanese gamers more open up with western games, especially shooters / FPS.

As far as i remember from famitsu / media create sales, Halo 3, BF 4, KZ 2-3-SF, and CoD: Ghost did pretty well in japan. They sold from 100k to 300k. It's not a million seller like in the west though. But compare to the past that number is a pretty good number for FPS / shooters in japan.

And from my personal experience, i've seen a lot of japanese gamers playing UC3 / TloU MP.

Zichu3688d ago

It's great that they are opening up to western games, but UC3 and TLoU are both on a platform that has about 10 million sold in Japan compared to 600k.

Inception3688d ago

That's why sony / acti will likely not put a high target for Destiny in japan. Considering PS4 small userbase and shooter / FPS isn't a million seller in japan, 50k-100k for Destiny PS4 will counted as a great success.

But maybe with good promotion like "from a studio who made Halo" and some unique trailer (japan always did this with their games), Destiny can sold more in japan. Who knows. I myself interested to play Destiny on my PS3.