Nintendo Dominated the E3 Twitter Conversation

"Some very interesting social media statistics have been released concerning E3 2014. Nintendo completely dominated most of the Twitter conversation during the days of E3. In fact, 47% of all E3 2014 tweets included a mention of something Nintendo-related" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Geekman1587d ago

You can dominate social media websites?

All of you. In the dungeon.

wonderfulmonkeyman1587d ago

I think a better phrase would be "Quick! To the computers in your various mothers' basements! We must turn the tide!"XD

Flungsomepoo1587d ago

Good! Was a slow start. But the sleeping giant is awake. Only great things from here on out.

lilbroRx1587d ago

I consider this to be a far better example of who wan e3 than some biased gamesite.

Twitter isn't a gaming site, so its not controlled by fanboy bias. Its controlled by what people find the most interesting.

Those first posts on this article are some grade A bitterness though. Someone doesn't like this news and doesn't want to accept it.

fatneal1587d ago

this just proves everyone loves nintendo...theres so many closet nintendo fans but since nintendo isnt the "cool" thing to love they slander it instead of supporting it

fatneal1587d ago

by the way...capcom might be up for sale? why is this not a big news story?

fatneal1587d ago

oh wow i did not see this is huge

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