Can 'Mario Kart 8' save the Wii U?

Now that Mario Kart 8 is out, does it go some way towards redeeming the Wii U console in the eyes of the public and industry?

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randomass1712215d ago

Not another one of these... can't we at least get some new material?

Benjaminkno2215d ago

yeah, where's the "When will the Ps4 hype start to pay off?" articles?...

The few exclusives Ps4 has don't warrant a purchase by a long shot, yet it's selling like crazy. Maybe by Christmas, but not now.

WiiU is superior in every way except graphics.

randomass1712215d ago

Er, I'm not asking the journalists to crap on Sony for an opinion as uncommon as that. I'm asking they stop asking this same tired question over and over. It's boring.

wheresmymonkey2215d ago

Oh the hype's paying off. I'm wondering if they can keep riding it untill their heavy hitters actually show.

I just think its funny that the majority of sites aren't commenting on the fact that sony and MS are both in a very similar predicament that Nintendo was in, this time last year.

WeAreLegion2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

The Wii U is superior for YOU. For me, I play my PS4 more than my Wii U. Much more.

@wheresmymonkey - What predicament? Watch_Dogs, Wolfenstein, and Murdered all just came out in the past month. Nintendo has to rely on their own games to push the console. Sony and Microsoft can cruise on multi-plats for awhile. Neither of them is having a drought.

OsirisBlack2215d ago

Lets not use hyperbole when discussing the Wii U please. I own Wii U,PS4,XB1 and a gaming PC but I can be realistic. I own MK8 and it is a great game I also own DKCT,Both Mario games and Zombie U.... they are all fun but did you notice a trend? No? Let me help you out. My next game will more than likely be Bayo2 or splatoon.See a pattern emerging? Exactly Both other consoles are superior because third party developers have completely shut Nintendo out.

For exclusives it is an amazing machine but that is really all it is for. I do believe MK8 will raise sales for June but it won't be enough. I only hope Nintendo does not abandon the system for at least 2 or 3 years and just doubles down on making quality games.

Zelda and Bayo 2 should move a few units as will Starfox and Metroid if they release it before killing off the system. But calling Wii U superior in every way just lets me know you either don't realize how bad their online is or you simply do not care about the big picture.

Nintendo needs to fix their Online,Relationship with third party devs(Fifa 15 is coming out on the Wii and not the Wii U),Their system image(lots of people still think its an add on for the Wii)and they need to fix their marketing. I still believe Wii U can turn it around but they are going to have to do it with an onslaught of popular nintendo only IP's.

gaffyh2215d ago

Mario Kart obviously hasn't saved the Wii U in the US at least as it still was outsold by the Xbox One, despite Microsoft announcing a price cut 3 weeks in advance. I think Japan might love it though, so they'll probably see a good bump there.

Nintendo needs to get Zelda out, everything else, other than X, won't appeal to non-Nintendo gamers.

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KonsoruMasuta2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Expect them to continue happening.

Next article: "Will Super Smash Bothers save the WiiU?"

After that: "Will Zelda save the WiiU?"

It's coming. I can guarantee it. If it does not happen, I will eat my WiiU.

deafdani2215d ago

Lol, I can see these stupid articles still happening in 2016, 4 years after the console's release. :P

randomass1712214d ago

I'll take a bet on seeing them even after the next Nintendo console launches. Journalists can't get enough of this hoo-hah.

Dunban672215d ago

I agree that the articles title is not original but the article itself is a well written in depth look at the Wii u and not a negative article ( if reality is not considered negative)

This article is in depth, well thought out and written w care unlike 90% of the articles that post on N4g and well worth the read -

3-4-52214d ago

Look a site further explanation needed.

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bahabeast2215d ago

they need that SSB and a new Zelda

gamerfan09092215d ago

It won't save it but it'll sell about a million Wiiu's. The only thing that will save these consoles is a year where there's nothing but system seller games and the Wiiu gets priced dropped to 250 bucks. I'm talking a Mario Galaxy, Metroid, Zelda, Starfox type of year. Either way Nintendo will be fine financially, but their next console has to be flawless. They're losing market-share by the minute, especially in NA.

wonderfulmonkeyman2215d ago

Nintendo is selling refurbished units for $199.
Price isn't the issue.

gamerfan09092215d ago

Lol dude most consumers are not going to go out of their way to look on Nintendos site to see their refurbished units man. You have to market something like that. If the Wiiu was marketed better and was 250 bucks they'd sell double what they're doing each month

Blackleg-sanji2215d ago

Where on the website?! Shoot ill pick one up at that price

wonderfulmonkeyman2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Mario Kart bundle offer.
Somewhere around $255 for the system, MK8, a wheel, a motion plus with Mario design, AND a code for one of four(or eight in the uk) really good games on the eshop.

Again, they've already got the price thing down pat, so save your laughter.

randomass1712214d ago

The value for that bundle isn't bad, to be honest. You're getting two games for one if you register Mario Kart, so that's a plus.

deafdani2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Metroid and Star Fox aren't system sellers, not by a long shot. Even Zelda is a bit of a stretch (though the games themselves sell pretty well).

Nope, the true system sellers are Mario Kart (already released) and Smash Bros (coming soon). In the past generation, the Wii Sports and Wii Fit games were massive system sellers as well, but that trend seems to have died completely, so Nintendo needs to ride on Mario Kart and Smash, and find new system sellers. Easier said than done, I know. :P

I honestly have a feeling that Splatoon will be a surprise hitter for the Wii U, and will help shift a lot of units. It's being made by Nintendo EAD, and it's a colorful third person shooter with online multiplayer and family friendly, with a rather unique twist to it. Plus, it was featured very prominently by Nintendo at this year's E3, both in the Direct and in the show floor. The impact it has made on the media is quite big for such a quirky game... could this be Nintendo's next big IP?

Yes, I'm dead serious here.

randomass1712214d ago

I'll use the same excuse Jim Sterling used for indies on PS4 (an excuse I actually agree with). Games like these may not be system sellers, but they are system justifiers. If a gamer looks at the new Zelda and is like "Yeah, this is what I'm getting for Wii U" it makes sense because that's a new game that people want on the system. It doesn't matter if Zelda is historically a system seller compared to Mario. It's still seen as a good reason to own the system, along with the plethora of other games coming out.

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DirtyLary2215d ago

Well if the Wii U is still selling for $200 when Smash release, count me in to save the franchise with a purchase.

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