Alien: Isolation interview - 'This game isn't about killing, it's about surviving' had a chat with Creative Assembly creative lead Alistair Hope about creating Alien: Isolation; how they built a game around such a ruthless killer, how they approached it as a team, and how they shaped the main character, Amanda, around her iconic and heroic mother, Ripley.

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BozoLoco2220d ago

That...doesn't make sense.

Inception2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

It's naruto, he never make sense. Just read the manga or watch the anime and you will know why naruto never make sense.

XiSasukeUchiha2219d ago

That really doesn't sense you fool as always the #1 knuckle head ninja!

Belasco2219d ago

As long as surviving is more than running and hiding in a locker a thousand times I am all for it, otherwise it may get boring after awhile.

Inception2219d ago

In the article there's a pictures that you can use flamethrower, molotov, or any items you can build and use it against the alien. But if you expect more than that, like a bullet sponge alien, than you will be dissapointed.

SonyMontana2219d ago

The dev team has already stated it's more than just running and hiding. The game involves crafting mechanics to build health supplements, molotov cocktails, EMP granades etc... There is also a limit to how much you can carry which forces you to carry only the most essential items for survival. You can never kill the Alien, but you can set traps, use distractions and weapons to aid in your escape (You can't kill it, but you can scare it away for a very short duration of time). You can also try to agitate other humans enough for them to create a commotion which in turn attracts the Alien long enough so it will attack them instead of you (although you must be careful that the humans don't end up killing you). The game certainly seems deep.

Belasco2219d ago

Sounds like I will be picking this up then. I am at work and didn't have time to read the article, thanks.

BABY-JEDI2218d ago

There is some surviving crew on the station. Friendly or hostile? So hopefully this will break up the gameplay as well.
; )

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SonyMontana2219d ago

In other words, we finally have a dev that understands the vision of the movie franchise. It was never about killing, it was always about survival. I'm personally looking forward to this game and I'm glad it's being made by a development team that "get it".

Gezmoyassine2219d ago

This game will keep us on the edge of our seats!

Nerdmaster2219d ago

Silly developers... People ask for different experiences, but everybody knows they just want to shoot at stuff.

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