How Bungie is using the Destiny alpha to polish its sci-fi epic

The PlayStation-exclusive alpha test for Destiny has just wrapped up, with thousands of players getting an early taste of what awaits when Bungie’s sci-fi shooter launches later this year. At the tail-end of E3 last week, we caught up with Jason Sussman, Senior Environment Artist on the game, to find out why Bungie run tests like the alpha, and how it will be used to ensure the best possible player experience when Destiny launches in September 2014.

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ArchangelMike1680d ago

I loved the Alpha and immediately pre-orderd the game! This game is going to be huge this holiday season. It's great to know that the Alpha was an old build and the Beta will be a newer build. Man I can't wait.

L-DOT-_REAPER_1679d ago

@archagel wow really didnt know that the alpha was siick

kmeck5181679d ago

Does anyone know if there is some kind of in-game map so that you can figure out where you are?