Skate Preview - First Screens

Skate is said to deliver the actual feel of skating through dual stick control, roaming cameras and a reactive city built for skaters. The skateboarding developers also promise that the game has "that sense of community, culture and satisfaction that true skaters feel when they're landing a 360 kickflip down a 15-set staircase or just cruising down the street."

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Phil Harrison4447d ago

EA's first preview of the Superman game was of the CGI cutscenes (as viewable in the demo). I'm not knocking this if it is in-game, but perhaps it's more cgi-cutscenes.

InMyOpinion4447d ago

It does'nt look like CGI (although I know of other big companies who love to brag about CGI movies). Looks more like an updated version of the engine used in SSX.