Shuhei Yoshida “Loves” From Software, is Already on His Second Dark Souls II Run

Shuhei Yoshida “Loves” From Software, is Already on His Second Dark Souls II Run

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insertcoin1583d ago

It's not just Dark Souls. Shu is playing LIFE on New Game+.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1583d ago

Shuhei is a true gamer. I never did beat demon's souls OR dark souls. Didn't even buy dark souls 2. Still looking forward to bloodborne though.

XiSasukeUchiha1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Yoshida just loves games and gamers everywhere!

Dark111583d ago

I'm surprised he is ignoring platinum games
both MS and nintendo managed to get exclusive from them.

Deadpoolio1583d ago

They really aren't that concerned with getting a mediocre game that wont sell amazingly from Platinum..

The only game they've made that sold well was Metal Gear Rising, and that had more to do with the name on the box than it being Platinum.

People can love Bayonetta all they want it sold poorly, Vanquish sold horribly after people found out it was a 3hr game...And NO people with common sense don't think it's awesome to play a 3hr game 10 times to get value out of it

dbjj120881583d ago

Last year was huge for Sony. So many Yoshida fanboys now.

nucky641583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

it's not as bad as the man-crush xbox fans have for phil spencer - the guy has only held the job for a few months, and the xbone fans are worshipping the guy like he's a messiah.

T3mpr1x1583d ago

Damn, hardcore! I still have hardly played any of the games in that series yet...

Mega241583d ago

I suggest you get them, at least Demon and Dark Souls 1, it will be frustrating, but rewarding at the same time when you complete them.

T3mpr1x1579d ago

Yeah I've got Demon Souls thanks to a sale on GameFly. Punishing!

OhReginald1583d ago

change of heart.

he called demon's souls "crap" and "an unbelievable bad game"

Transporter471583d ago

Read the first article. I think it seems like he got frustrated because he didn't know how to play. That game can do that to you. I bet 100 percent that more then just him said that after the first 2 hours lol

Riderz13371583d ago

Read the article your are linking to. If you don't, you make yourself look like a fool.

"There were framerate issues and the network was not up and running. "

From your own article.

Wedge191583d ago

If you'd bother to read them, you would see that even within those articles he had a change of heart and thought it was foolish that they passed up on them initially.

dodgemoose1583d ago

Well you've taken that out of context. What he played wasn't the final build.

"What happened with Demon's Souls was until very late in the game's development, we were not able to play the game through. There were framerate issues and the network was not up and running. We underestimated the quality of the game and to be honest, the media in Japan did the same.

OhReginald1583d ago

yep and he was so confident in the final build that sony published the game to the western market....oh wait...


dodgemoose1583d ago

… which he has said was a mistake.

"Luckily, third party publishers, Atlus in North America and Namco in Europe [stepped in], and it really became a great hit outside of Japan. We definitely dropped the ball from a publishing standpoint, including studio management side," he said. "We were not able to see the value of the product we were making.

"I hope we won't make the same mistake again. I should have been more stubborn talking to marketing people here in North America and Europe."

Got anymore hate you feel the need to share?

OhReginald1583d ago

hate? I got nothing but love for shu and the souls series.

But hate me all you want. :)

dodgemoose1583d ago

'I got nothing but love for shu'

Your sarky attitude and negativity would suggest otherwise. :)

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crusf1583d ago

He called it crap because it was horribly unstable and a buggy mess at the time. Now that the game has been vastly improved he can now enjoy it.

Farsendor11583d ago

did you forget the rest of the article?

the build he played had multiple issues

Thus the early build, "the team tried to create a small piece of the experience that resembles the final product." That version had framerate issues, among other problems.

spacecat50501583d ago

Good find Reginald, it's pretty obvious that Shu is in full PR mode just becuase Bloodborn is a sony exclusive.

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