Is Ubisoft the Future King of the Gaming Industry?

Ubisoft are potentially becoming a force to be reckoned with… A look at the reasons why.

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ATi_Elite1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

on teh Console Side it's

Electronic Arts

these are the best Studios / Publisher and I have Ubisoft tied for 5th place as EA just KILLS it while Activision has Call of Duty along with Blizzard on the PC side all making Billions yearly.

Ubisoft may move up but will not defeat EA or Activision.

COD and WOW make Billion yearly that's tough to beat.

Ballsack1680d ago

No one can deny ubisoft are raking in the money

Quality wise they are no way near the levels of naughty dog and as a gamer quality games mean more to me than how many ips ubisoft have out and how much money they are making.

They are far from the Kings if the gaming industry quality wise anyway

brainfart1679d ago

@ballsack no way im sticking up for ubi they need to work on producing quality product, but you cant compare naughty dog to ubi simple fact naughty dog make games for one system while ubi make games for five pc makes six

levian1679d ago

Yea, Ubisoft is on top now but it'll get old. Watch Dogs was a decent game, but nothing revolutionary. The only thing I'm really looking forward to from them is The Division.

The big thing this gen it seems is open worlds with no substance. Infamous and Watch Dogs both come to mind. Open world games that are like 12 hours long each. For that length it may as well be linear. Any decent open world game would have at least 60+ hours of content. Hell, I still play FF12 which was only partially open world and I consistently get 100-200 hours in it, every playthrough

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3-4-51679d ago

I'd say the "king" is probably somebody we wouldn't think to mention off the top of our head.

Somebody smaller, respectable, that always does good solid work and is consistent.

UltraNova1679d ago

Rockstar, Naughty Dog, Rocksteady and Viceral (I know they are owned think of them as individual studios) so pick your poison...

98xpresent1680d ago

No it's between R*, ND , and , kojima studio

jdaboss1679d ago

Rockstar is under 2K Studios. You know that right?

levian1679d ago

Who can keep up? I almost forget that Bioware is under EA. I just keep track of the studios I enjoy, and screw the big publishers.

GarrusVakarian1680d ago

Ughhh, i hope not. They are the epitome of what's wrong with this industry, imo. Their quality of games has dropped SO much in the past few years.

DigitalAnalog1679d ago

I would say that EA spearheading their nonsense through ME3 all the way to the incomplete product of BF4 is a prime example of a company beholden by shareholders - next to King or Zynga.

Ubisoft's main crime here is saturated gameplay across all open-world genres utilizing the same old padded features to exploit time: Climb XX tower and unlock XX Map and activate XX missions, rinse & repeat. As long as they follow this tradition they would never reach GOTY status, always falling behind with the likes of R* & ND.

Codewow1680d ago

I truly think they are in the right direction as long as they don't disappoint on their games. Watch Dogs was a great concept that looked amazing at the past e3 conference, but instead of quality they went for quantity of sales by not taking their time even after a delay. So hopefully they learn that rushing is not always the answer. Who am I kidding... all these publishers are money hungry bastards that drool at the thought of an easy sell.

jetlian1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

they are to me! I like more games from them than any other company.

far cry,splinter cell, prince of persia,assassin creed, watch dogs, ghost recon, rainbow six.

I dont know of any other company with 7 series i'll buy without question.

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