Hardline Spin-Off “Still a Full Range of the Battlefield Experience,” Says Visceral MP Designer

MP1st - Nearly a week into Battlefield Hardline’s ongoing multiplayer beta on the PlayStation 4 and PC, fans of the series are beginning to get a good feel for what Visceral has to offer in their take on the popular and long-running military shooter franchise.

It’s clear that thoughts are mixed, however. While some appreciate the Beta’s focus on transportation vehicles, smaller maps, and more intimate game modes, there are those asking, ‘Where is the ‘true’ Battlefield experience – all-out warfare on land, sea, and air, with tanks, attack boats, and jets?’

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nicksetzer12210d ago

I seem to be in the minority, but I am actually looking forward to this game. Seems like a nice change of pace.

brich2332209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

This game will flop if this beta is what the final game will be like. I played the PC beta and its feels like a BF4 mod that seems to be made by fans. I'm sick of all these Battlefield 3 games with tweaks. Hardline comes out this year than im guessing BF5 next year. Thats battlefield fatigue for me after playing about 300hrs of BF3 and 200hrs of BF4.

venom062209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

naw dude... you're not in the minority.. its just that the video game industry is FULLL of CoD fanboys and BF4 haters, that this is the new "doesn't require thought" thing to hate on from EA... most people haven't even play the beta.. just going by what they're favorite CoD YTer has to say about it... ITS FUN AS HELL!!!!! but folks are so caught up on the fact that it looks similiar to BF4, that they don't stop to think that 1. it was only 1 map/2 modes 2. it was just a beta 3. its actually a HELLUVA lot more fun to play than BF4 beta... when the actual game comes out, people will see just how even more fun this game is.. screw what it looks similiar to..... the question is, IS IT FUN?? and that answer is a loud HELL yeah..

Allsystemgamer2209d ago

It's not though. It plays exactly like bf4. RPGs and all. It's just with coo skins.

3-4-52209d ago

I like the change of pace, but honestly all it made me want to do is play Battlefield 4 more.

I just wanted to play more maps instead of JUST ONE.

And since it basically plays like BF4 + City Map + GTA cars = it's basically the same thing as BF4.

It feels like a One Map, Map Pack with a Specialized game mode more than it's own game.

* That is like saying New Super Luigi U is a " New game"...

It's basically NSMBU, but with harder levels and a timer.

Both are essentially the other game.

HaMM4R2209d ago

Having just got the chance to get my hands on the game I can happily say it is my least favorite battlefield game to date (from what i've played anyway). The lack of motivation for teamwork just astounds me.

There are some nice features like being able to shoot cars (which I really really like) and some other small things like red hitmarkers for headshots but the fact you can revive yourself, take ammo and health from others just puts me off. How about instead of promoting people to go lonewolf, you just give people bigger insentives to play their roles!

Neixus2209d ago

Lack of teamwork? what?
Never seen so much teamwork in heist as a criminal in a long time in Battlefield

Allsystemgamer2209d ago

Everyone just ignores the objective shooting eachother.

HaMM4R2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Good for you Neixus, unfortunately I've had no such luck playing on PS4. I'm not saying its a bad game, its just a bad battlefield game. Wouldn't be quite so disappointed if it were DLC rather than a full game, but as it is there is no way I'm getting this one. BF4 was bad enough, gameplay wise this one is just worse (though its less buggy)

urwifeminder2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Played it wish I can get my bandwidth back what a waste of time blurry awful trash astounded at how bad it is, had to keep checking my pc settings yep its on ultra but still looks whack no where near as good as the last MOH and that was not great but I had more fun. Yes I know its a beta but for me it is awful.

vivid832209d ago

I haven't played it so I cant comment but at least give them ratings for trying something different I think its refreshing that its not another war game

Neonridr2209d ago

It was exactly what I thought it would be. More Battlefield. New setting is a nice change of pace.

But ultimately I agree, it still feels like a mod for BF4 with new skins. Obviously this is just the beta so I will give the benefit of the doubt to the developers here since we only got a small sample of the full game.

It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't amazing either, just more of the same. Which for some might not be a bad thing.

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