Hands-on Impressions of Dying Light From E3 2014 | Entertainment Buddha

EB's Matt Heywood writes, "Techland’s Dying Light is an ambitious multi-platform title set to release during February of 2015 that features the tried and true zombie motif that has become quite popular in the gaming industry these days. Unlike other zombie games, Dying Light isn’t just about hacking and slashing your way through hordes of the undead with the various tools you can find in the world around you. This take on the first person zombie genre is all about strategy and tactics thanks to the inclusion of a parkour system and the time of day system, with both promoting thoughtful approaches to zombie encounters while you push forward with mission objectives. I got to spend 30-minutes with the game at this year’s E3, and I must say that Techland’s new take on the zombie genre is both refreshing and fun to play, and it should definitely provide a unique experience for zombie infused video game fans."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA2207d ago

Probably one of the best zombie games I've played recently. Really looking forward to the final build and playing with 3 other people.

tacotruck2207d ago

This looks like it will be a breath of fresh air in the semi-stale zombie genre

TenBensons2207d ago

Nope your both wrong, you can never have enough zombies. This looks so cool.