This encounter from E3 is one of the problems with video game journalism

GameZone's Lance Liebl writes, "I've never been so embarrassed by another journalist's behavior to the point of having to apologize to PR or a dev on their behalf . Especially when I don't work with said journalist. But that's exactly what happened at E3 last week. This isn't news. This is more of an experience piece, so readers like you can see what goes on behind the booth walls at E3. This experience made me embarrassed of the industry that I work for... that I love."

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LightDiego1586d ago

Great article and that's really sad, some people don't deserve to be called journalist.
With sites like Gamespot and Kotaku, the Doritos and Mountain Dew incident and The Last Guardian rumor, we need more professionalism and respect to the viewers.

Riggans421586d ago

Makes you wonder how many bogus reviews or opinions are out there based on what was given to the journalist.

choujij1586d ago

The term: "Believe the hype!" comes to mind. Lots of schwag, indeed.

Mega241586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Patricia Hernandez, is the biggest joke Kotaku has... everything she contributes are videos from other sites/journalists.

gamerfan09091586d ago

The last guardian situation was a scoop IGN got from a source they ran it and they retracted it. This isn't some common occurrence they pull and they intentionally don't run a lot of rumored things until it can be verified. IGN did nothing that any other publication that has done a retraction has done. When you get a scoop that big from a trusted source you go with your gut. I doubt IGN said hey we need a couple 100,000 click views let's post a fake story.

3-4-51586d ago

One of the BEST articles I've read on N4G in a long time.

I feel bad for the credible, true, good intentioned journalists just trying to making things better and do their job the right way.

Too many entitled brats out there.

I can't wait until this Cartman " Journalist" gets outed.

* How many Video Game Journalists look like Cartman in his mid 20's ?

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Da_Rockwilder1586d ago

Nice read. Most journalists would just be thrilled at the opportunity to be there. "Cartman" definitely gives small-time bloggers and people starting out a bad name. Not surprising in the least though...

gamerfan09091586d ago

So I guess I'm supposed to take this as truth, then? I think you'd need more than just a fake name and a story any body could've told.

Septic1586d ago

Are you telling me this chap went out of his way to make an article about some fat "journalist" who queued for a Disney game on a Wednesday and got arsey about not getting free Disney swag?

gamerfan09091586d ago

For clicks on his website? Absolutely.

3-4-51586d ago

Septic...are you that Cartman he's talking about? jk

Ultraplayerxp1586d ago

Let's see if we can identify the journalist in question from the pool of game journalists currently working in the industry. This is the info we have:

1. He looks like Cartman
2. Is in his mid-20s
3. Wears glasses

....crap, that's everyone.

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