Watch_Dogs - Unbelievable Hidden Comment Shows Ubisoft's Arrogance Towards PC Gamers... Or NOT?

DSOGaming writes: "Ubisoft has been constantly claiming that it does care about PC gaming, however a hidden comment will surprise you about the company’s attitude towards PC gamers (and PC gaming in general). Let’s overlook the fact that the PC version of Watch_Dogs is not even close to the E3 2012 build that was showcased and wow’ed everyone. Let’s focus on a comment that is unacceptable and shows Ubisoft’s arrogance. Or not?"

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aquamala1587d ago

"Therefore, the ‘This is PC, who cares’ comment is obviously a comment indicating that the PC version does not need such workarounds or limitations."


mkis0071587d ago

Ya, agreed. Some people will take offense regardless.

RexDD1587d ago

Someone needed to do this before the rage comments began. Thanks

Psychotica1587d ago

Probably not fair to label an entire company based on one persons comment.

Psychotica1587d ago

I did, what's your point?

Sony3601587d ago

Well then you've missed the point if you supposedly read it.

Rockefellow1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Oh boy, what a headline. These hacks should write for the tabloids. Take a stance on your article's subject, and don't tack "or NOT?" At the end. You're informing your audience, not asking them about your own subject matter.

It's not as bad as the idiots who submit their own articles with inadvertent questions as their headlines, I'll give you that.

Tetsujin1586d ago

I can't take gaming journalism seriously after reading this. The people who approve of this garbage needs professional help, and take a break from the internet for a while.

For those who will argue to death I didn't read the article; I did, and if the author wants to nitpick something like this, do it for ALL games not just certain ones. Also it would help if you (the author) have a reason to pull stunts like this outside wanting hits on your site.

The_Blue1587d ago

Whoever found this... Hold this L.

DirtyMagician1587d ago

OR! It's a little inside joke, does it really matter?

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The story is too old to be commented.