Microsoft says it remains committed to Kinect despite offering Xbox One bundle without the accessory

Despite offering a new Xbox One bundle without Kinect for $399, $100 less than the Xbox One’s $499 launch price, according to Matt Booty, Microsoft’s general manager of games, the company remains committed to the accessory.

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XiSasukeUchiha2208d ago

Really good luck Microsoft on your long road ahead.

Ballsack2208d ago

Considering all the talk now about this extra 10% ms keep harping on about like it's gonna magically turn the xbox one into a powerhouse now kinect is dropped, ... I can't c kinect being supported much

I think ms are just talking to save face and not anger early adopters.

I've tried the kinect and I actually think ms shud have stuck with it.. It made the console feel futuristic and unique

LOGICWINS2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

My boss(casual gamer) told me that her brother has an XB1. When she described it, she didnt mention the games or the tv features, she mentioned how cool it was that you could turn the thing on by saying "Xbox On".

Kinect was MS ticket to getting the mainstream and they blew it by not making it a mandatory addition. If their marketing had been better from the start they could've convinced the casuals that the XB1 was $100 better than the PS4...even if it isnt actually true.

Lawboy22208d ago

Seeing as the 10% increase is at the developers discretion ( they do it by not using the kinect in the game) I don't see it not being committed to the's about choices and ppl are still buying the kinect bundle not to mention before the kinect less xbox one bundle there were about 4 million kinects sold....and I feel that the kinect 2.0 has become synonymous with the xbox one....when ppl think xbox one they think voice control using the kinect....sure games may not use it because of developers who have to worry about sales but consumers will purchase it on the voice recognition alone

However this is all just my opinion and I could be wrong

Illusive_Man2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Are you privy to what that 10% GPU Boost represents in a quantifiable number?

You keep saying 10% like it is some measly power boost. Yet, you have no idea what it did. Apparently, it did something for games like Destiny because instead of being a rumored 792p it will be 1080p/30. Clearly a substantial improvement.

You just keep talking crap.

People like me who bought the Kinect are still satisfied with our purchase. I enjoy the voice commands and launching apps while I'm in the room or away at a distance. I never bought Xbox One for Kinect. I envisioned playing my games, using the voice controls, and allowing the kids to play their own games with the Kinect. But I also recognize there are people who want an Xbox One but don't want Kinect. They will be happy. Xbox Gamers win.

Updates are still being released that improve speech recognition. Cortana, when she is finally launched will add more natural speech recognition.

As far as Kinect for games. Well, developers had ample time and over 4 million userbase to make compelling use of the Kinect outside of Dance and Fitness games. They failed Kinect, not the other way around. Those who are still interested in making games with Kinect will, those who aren't will not. Very simple stuff here.

Life will go on.

People like you will harp on MS backtracking on Kinect (or any of the other 180s) as if it bothers you,knowing full well you never had any intention of buying an Xbox One. Find something else to complain about. Like maybe, the lack of apps on the PS4 (MP3), substantial UI updates, or basic Game pause/resume features.

Funantic12208d ago

I hope Sony supports the PS Eye the same way. I haven't heard about that thing since day one.

Ballsack2208d ago

Ps4 camera is primarily used for playroom.. I can't see many developers wasting resources on it...

Cameras are a novelty and don't really enhance gaming one bit.. For the multi media side of the consoles their great though

sloth33952208d ago

@Ballsack its also going to be use with the Morpheus for head tracking more since it has lights on it also

Joey_Leone2208d ago

I think the kinnect would have been successful on the Xbone if it wasn't forced upon the gamers in the first place, what was Microsoft thinking? Oh wait, they don't give a s%*#.

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pat_11_52208d ago

It's interesting to hear big Microsoft execs trying to justify dropping Kinect.

ats19922208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

You need to keep supporting it because there are fans that like the kinect and the experiences it provides.

tastas212208d ago

Kinect sucks. I honestly don't even know why the stupid thing exists at this point. Microsoft messed up they admitted it now give people a refund for the thing.

ats19922208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

I don't like the kinect either but there are people that do so they have to support it but imo i don't think they will.

denawayne2208d ago

You suck. I don't even know why you exist. You're parents messed up when they partied too hard that night. God, can we get a refund, please.

JBSleek2208d ago

I mean that's your opinion yet it's not a very well informed one if you never used the new Kinect which is really cool.

But then you will reply saying that you don't need to try the new Kinect to know that it sucks which is absurd but in your world that's acceptable.

But at the end of the day your entitled to your opinion even if it may be rooted in stupidity.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi2208d ago

It seems you are committed, buy game developers are not : /

GarrusVakarian2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Pretty much.

Just like last gen. Tacked on voice and motion controls in games that didn't need them just for the sake of it, and extremely limited family/kiddy games.

It doesn't matter how advanced your tech is.....if devs aren't willing to incorporate it in their games, and if gamers are more interested in playing their games the traditional way, then you have no choice but to make changes to how you market your product.

Volkama2208d ago

I watched my sister and my 5 year old playing kinect sports rivals the other day. It is neither accurate or intuitive enough even for casual games IMO.

I also think it is a massive fail that the device has no way to recognise where your TV is. The gesture controls and such would make so much more sense if the kinect new what you were pointing at, either through seeing the screen itself or just through some sort of calibration wizard. Seems crazy to me that they have still not addressed that on their second attempt at the concept.

MasterCornholio2208d ago

Yep and when they do produce games it usually ends up being a mess.

Kinect Adventures 2 and the Fighter Within are recent examples of this.

AngelicIceDiamond2208d ago

Fantasia Music Evolved, Dance Central Spotlight and D4 are still releasing. Kinect fans still have those to look forward to.

ats19922208d ago

D4 can also be played with a controller so if you don't like the kinect you can still play it.

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