Games You Love and Why You Should Hate Them: Skyrim

Even though Skyrim has achieved an almost unparalleled level of success, there are still many flaws with it. Critical analysis shows that it may not be as perfect as some reviewers claim

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Bigpappy1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

No never saw any review or any person claim that Skyrim was perfect. You are trying to go where you really shouldn't. Bethesda has a formula for open world RPG's that has set a standard. Until someone could make a game that does what they do better, they will continue to own that part of the market. We now most western RPG's trying to go after them and add more openness, detail and freedom of how you want to play to their games.

I see the Witcher3 making a move in that direction. And while I am excited to have a less linier game with a lot more freedom of approach and exploration with side missions and what not, I still do not expect them to and advance battering system with a value on every movable object in the game. Having in-depth political and religions cultures that match and vary from area to area. There is a reason why it take like 5 year to make and Elder Scrolls game.

These guy where seen as taking big risk with these overly complex worlds early on. They have invested a lot time to create their own space in the gaming industry while they were still independent.

For a team of developers to come along and out do them in this area, it will take a massive investment is time and money, and many years of debugging. I hope people understand why all future Elder Scrolls games with always include modified assets from Morrowind. It was because that is the game that made Elder scrolls a successful formula. New games in the series are technically more advance, but that is were the improvement ends. Content wise and gameplay wise Morrowind is still the bench mark and best of it's kind.

JackOfAllBlades1637d ago

Well said, vanilla skyrim isn't that amazing, but with some mods and a bit of perseverance you can make a good game amazing!

Bigpappy1637d ago

Now that was only your first mistake. The next is that you are comparing it to Dark Souls. So many kids make this mistake. The only thinks they have in common are the weapons you use. Dark Souls is more like an action adventure with RPG elements when compared to a game like Skyrim. DS is linier in comparison. A much, much more shallow in content. Think about those two games again and then see if you can find another game. Because you like the difficulty of fighting in DS doesn't mean that that game gets to be compare to the massively complex Skyrim. You can up the difficulty in skyrim, by the way, and fighting is just one aspect of the game.

InTheLab1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Upping the difficulty in Skyrim only highlights how bad the combat is in Skyrim. There's also a balance issue in this game and it's not nearly as complex as you claim. Skyrim dumbed down the franchise and made it so you can level every skill up to max in an hour.

When the game launched it was the most overrated game outside of gta and it took modders to make the game Bethesda couldn't. The game shipped in the worst condition I'd ever seen any AAA ship and I'm not even talking about the broken PS3 version.

M1ST4K31637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

"Upping the difficulty in Skyrim only highlights how bad the combat is in Skyrim. ". Someone that understands me! :D

Using multipliers on your dmg and enemies dmg & HP's is so stupid in Skyrim that it renders magic useless (destruction) on Master and Legendary... Getting one hit by a simple MOB from full hp to 0? sure, why not? Spending a mana bar to take 1/10th of a simple enemy HP bar? mhm... spend the mana regen time running plz :) repeat for 10 times.
Or you can go sneak + bow, and cheese every enemy! Oh, and in the mean time don't mind the stupid AI enemy that is right beside you but because you have 99 in sneak and you're crouching he can't see you :D

Dark Souls is hard... but it has ONLY a level of difficulty, meaning they could tweak the whole game for that... the combat, the items, etc... The combat has a mean of countering every offensive ability and that makes a hard mode fun...

InTheLab1637d ago

I'd argue that destruction on any level is pointless as well as the rest of the magic line. Why waist time healing when you can master alchemy in ten minutes and never need to cast a spell.

Again there's a balance issue that really kills Skyrim. The best caster gear in the game can be had after an hour of questing. You can become the freaking king of Winterhold in 2 hours with a mana pool of less than 150. Hell, once you get past the destruction teacher at the front gate, you only need to cast ward and never cast again. It's beyond stupid.

So you're the archmage and rank and file baddies still murder your mana as there is only one piece of armor that actually makes magic stronger. Yeah you can cast higher spells for longer but anyone that took an hour or two to max blacksmithing can easily clear out a room while you're downing potions to cast some garbage spell again.

Or a thief/archer can stealth kill an entire room with no trouble what so ever at any difficulty or level after mastering Blacksmithing...

God forbid you take what little time it takes to max Alchemy/smithing/enchanting. I have daggers with stats that you wouldn't believe based on how easy it is to exploit those 3 skills and it's not really an exploit. The game is just broken like that...

oIITSBIIo1637d ago

I like The witcher/souls series but I hate Skyrim .

Askanison41637d ago

I never understand articles that attempt to tell me what to think or why my opinion is wrong. Where's the issue in enjoying a game?

Just because someone else thought it was good you have to be the one to bash it? Seems a bit hipster to me :P

M1ST4K31637d ago

Elder Scroll -2 was the best back in 300 BC... Now this people only know Skyrim and think it's a good game... nubs! *gets the reflex camera and put on the old albuns of Arctic Monkeys because was listening to them before they were cool*

Askanison41637d ago

It stands to reason that with them being "Arctic" Monkeys they always were a little chilly...

KonsoruMasuta1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I love Skyrim but I never finished it. When a game constantly crashes on you and forces you to restart your console, it gets a little annoying.

It still happens to me. It may not happen as much as it did before but it still happens.

I also don't like the combat.

gamerfan09091637d ago

You probably played the PS3 version. My buddies 360 version never crashed. The blame can't be totally placed on Bethesda for that.

KonsoruMasuta1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

No, I actually have the 360 version. After hearing what was going on with the PS3 version, there was no way in hell I was buying it for the PS3.

I put in over 600 hours but had to stop because it seemed like it got worse as I progressed.

It was flawless when I started but started bugging out later in my play through.

1637d ago
Askanison41637d ago


I think you're oversimplifying things a bit there. The scope of a game like Skyrim is mind-boggling.

The fact that they get it out the door at all is pretty impressive.

I played through the main game on 360 - didn't get any DLC - and had a blast. I had the odd crash which forced a restart but luckily never had any save game issues. Still, all things considered, it was a really good game.

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