Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has the Makings of a Surprise Hit | gamrReview Preview

gamrReview's Noah Glaser: "Treasure Tracker has the makings of a surpise hit written all over it. While it's not neccesarily exploring new grounds, it is greatly expanding on a gameplay element that still has a lot to offer. With Nintendo's flair for creativity, you can surely expect to see some downright incredible designs for Toad to work his way through when Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker releases on the Wii U later this year."

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for we are many1678d ago

I've been saying this gameplay mechanic deserves a complete game based on it since I played the few Captain Toad's levels in SM3DW, and what I saw at E3 made me want this game more, we need more games that challenge the brain!!
Now Toad can proudly say that he/she/it has a dedicated game with different gameplay style than the Mario gang!

LightDiego1677d ago

Captain Toad levels are great on 3D World, with this game and Yoshi's title, i'm really happy with the Wii U for this year.

3-4-51677d ago

Top 5 most wanted game right now.

* This reminds me of those old games you could play over and over and over again and never really get sick of them.

N64 had a few gems like that, so did SNES, and I'm sure PS1/2 did as well.

Geekman1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Initially looks like underwhelming, but it's actually a challenging puzzle game. It's nice to see non-Wario characters get their own games. It hasn't happened since Luigis Mansion. (Yes, I'm intentionally ignoring Super Princess Peach.)

Metallox1677d ago

Haven't played Captain Toad levels in Super Mario 3D World? I think they can do very hard levels.

Geekman1677d ago

Did I unintentionally insult the game?

Metallox1677d ago

So just because I said that you think I wrote this reply because I thought you have insulted the game? No way, man.

Rute1677d ago

The game seems very promising and actually looks really pretty too. However, I'm pretty surprised that we get a game like this from EAD Tokyo instead of Super Mario Galaxy 3. EAD has confirmed that a new Mario game is under development so who knows, maybe we get to see SMG3...

punctualdork1677d ago

Exciting game is exciting.