PS4 Destiny Alpha Testers Can Now Download the Android Companion App: First Screenshots Inside

If you’re one of the selected Guardians participating in the PS4 public alpha of Destiny, you can now download and test the companion app that will be available for the game, which is an evolution of Bungie Mobile.

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Gh05t1585d ago

Very cool! I like how that looks. I hope you can view other peoples stats from the app eventually.

rdgneoz31585d ago

Probably friends at least, as it does show your psn friends that are online. A lot of cards in the grimoire are redacted. Only 3 locations in it so far, the city, earth, and Jupiter. Gear shows power only when you log at it, no bonuses from leveling it (grenade range, reload speed, etc). A little buggy though. Tried changing account settings (avatar) and it keeps making me relog without to actually being able to change it.

Gh05t1585d ago

Thanks for all the info.

HannibalBarca1585d ago

I just got it but when I try to log in I keep getting an authentication error...does anybody know why I'm getting this?

And yes Im in the Alpha (loving it)

kneon1584d ago

I get that now as well, though it had been working briefly. I don't know if it's related but the alpha servers seem to be shut down now, perhaps for good.

Mikelarry1585d ago

liking the new companion app, now provides more useful info about my created character etc

ginsunuva1585d ago

This companion app bullshit is getting annoying.

rdgneoz31585d ago

Something that is not necessary but optional, is annoying? You don't have to get it, and can find the info either in game or on their website. This is just a short cut for some info when you're on the go / make things easier to find.

KwietStorm1585d ago

What's annoying about it?

ginsunuva1584d ago

The whole trend of companies who think people will actually use it.

KwietStorm1584d ago

How do you know who uses it and who doesn't? Do you think nobody cares just because you don't?

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MrGunny941585d ago

Can we get a Windows Phone 8 app? My Lumia 1520 would be really happy for this

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