Top 5 Favorite Games Of E3 2014

The Tyuno Project: "Well guys, E3 is officially over. We saw a ton of new games announced this week. There were a ton of games from E3 that I saw caught my attention. There are so many games coming out in the future. So with that being said, I think it’s time for me to list my TOP 5 favorite games from E3 2014. This is going to be a very difficult list because there are so many amazing games to choose from, but I’m gonna try my best. So let’s begin."

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medman2217d ago

The Division, No Man's Sky, The Witcher 3, Far Cry 4, Uncharted, Bloodborne, and The Order were my favs from E3. There were more I could name of course, but I really couldn't cut the list down to five without leaving out some games that were doozies for me.