Magical Beat Coming to PSN Tomorrow

Hardcore Gamer: Magical Beat is a puzzle and rhythm game mashup. It has a Tetris-like presentation but tasks players with matching the same color of blocks, ala Puyo Puyo or its many contemporaries.

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RexDD1586d ago

Interesting, I love Ark System Works. Might pick this up.

JohnathanACE1586d ago

Hmmm, I really wasn't expecting this to be a puzzle game judging from the title but I gotta say it does look pretty fun.

RexDD1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Following me huh?
But seriously, it does look fun. The chibi art style is a plus for me.

JohnathanACE1586d ago

Yep, I'm a sucker for the chibi style as well. Plus it doesn't seem like a game that would ever go on PS Plus so I wouldn't have to worry about buying then have it free a month or two down the road. Might try it out.

JohnApocalypse1586d ago

If its by Arc System Works it probably gonna look real nice