Polygon Editor's Choice Awards E3 2014

Polygon writes" :For Polygon's E3 2014 Editors' Choice Awards, we followed these guidelines: first, games must be in a playable state, though this could be in the form of a "behind closed doors" demo, which are builds of titles not available for play to E3 attendees; second, this must be the first time a game is playable at E3 — meaning games we've previously acknowledged with our Editors' Choice picks are ineligible"

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Septic1583d ago

Say what you want about Polygon, but their website does have some snazzy effects.

Decent list too.

SpinalRemains1381583d ago

"Say what you want about Polygon"

Ok, they're shills.

medman1582d ago

I liked what they did with the presentation of the games on that site.

azricf1583d ago

I think I just had a seizure scrolling down that list.