Sunset Overdrive’s vibrant world is partially inspired by Dreamcast classic Jet Grind Radio

During a round-table interview at E3, Sunset Overdrive’s game director, Drew Murray, as well at the title’s creative director, Marcus Smith, discussed their inspiration for the title’s energy drink “awesomepocalypse” formula. Dreamcast classic Jet Grind Radio apparently played a role in the Sunset Overdrive’s inception.

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AngelicIceDiamond1679d ago

Lol I knew it.

Jet Set Radio meets Deadrising.

Neoninja1679d ago

With a pinch of Crackdown lol.

XiSasukeUchiha1679d ago

and Ratchet of Clank don't forget that lol

Yi-Long1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

... and Tekkonkinkreet, plus I also recognise some elements from Chong Fei Gap's art in there...

I absolutely love the art-style of the city. The OTT American 'Hey dude!' style of the main character in the last E3 '14 trailer not so much though.

However, this is a game I'm jealous off that it's only coming out for XBO. Looks great. I wish PS4 would have gotten this as well.

Why o why1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Tekkonkinkreet.......mad film, had grab the blu ray

I called jet set radio from my first viewing. That for me was a hyper. Good luck to SO

No_Limit1679d ago

And infamous and sackboy.

WeAreLegion1679d ago

Yi-Long! You nailed it. Tekkonkinkreet was a major influence. I was lucky enough to discuss that with a few Insomniacs last week and that was mentioned. Along with Scott Pilgrim.

Ballsack1679d ago

This game is owned by insomniac so it could multi that's a big if though considering ms funded the game, Sony dropped the ball on this one .. I'm sure alot of ps4 owners are jealous of this game... It looks mad fun

Well done insomniac this is gonna sell bucketloads

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Rokashi1679d ago

Jet Set Dead Crackdown and Clank?

tgunzz1679d ago

Sounds about right. Now give us a playable demo, so we can be even more inspired to buy this awesome looking game!

tastas211679d ago

I'd totally play that game, just saying.

pat_11_51679d ago

Yea, I knew it was totally inspired by the game but I had to ask!

tastas211679d ago

I'm still on the fence about this game. It looks way too weird and meta.

Volkama1679d ago

I'm not on board with the Sunset love-in yet, need some convincing on the gameplay front.

Nothing wrong with being on the fence about a game you haven't played. Hopefully it turns out great, because more great games is.... great.

pat_11_51679d ago

That's a valid concern. I didn't get to go hands-on with it for very long so the word is still out on how it'll actually play.

I've seen relatively positive previews so far though.

WeAreLegion1679d ago

Anti-hipster hipster confirmed.

Chuk51679d ago

I knew it. From the minute I saw it I thought it looked like an american take on JSR cross crackdown.

pat_11_51679d ago

Yea. It's nice that I was able to confirm everyone's suspicion!

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The story is too old to be commented.