GameStop Partners with Microsoft to Give Away $1,000,000 in Xbox Live Currency

GameStop just announced that it partnered with Microsoft for a contest named Xbox Live Gold Mine at GameStop, which will distribute $1,000,000 in Xbox Live currency over four weeks.

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XiSasukeUchiha1588d ago

#XBLGoldMine! damn MS your this generous, I'm happy (Waiting on!

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1588d ago

Yeah 1 million dollars they are just giving out. I wish I had money to do that :(

bintarok1587d ago

M$ getting megaton money from (but not limited to) :

a. Every android devices sold (approx.$2B/year)
b. Every windows based PCs sold from 80's - now
c. Every patent & license used by third parties
etc. etc who knows what

It doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

HonestDragon1587d ago

I wish I had that kind of money period. =/

Magicite1588d ago

they got loads of money but no money can save a sinking ship.

thexmanone1588d ago

Sorry that you think that way, but Sony is the sinking ship, Its just a matter of time.

MeliMel1588d ago

Dude get off MSs you know what .... I notice you never have anything good to say about Xbox. Lol...MS has enough money to keep that sinking ship afloat for another generation. Can you say that about Sony?

Not bashing Sony, I love me some PS all the way back since Ridge Racer and Destruction Derby on PS1 and continue to support them. But damn you and a few others just ruin it for other gamers.

Kingthrash3601588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Sounds nice. Need more details how much per many times can you win. Will my ad blocker explode...etc.

DanielGearSolid1588d ago

Gamespot is doing so much to promote X1

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with trying to boost business, because x1 sales equal more money for them...

But, its at the point where it gives off the appearance that they favor X1. Not saying they do, just how it looks

Abriael1588d ago

Well, they're a private retailer, so I guess they aren't morally held to the duty of remaining neutral.

At the very least, it's nothing new. They've been pushing xbox consoles for years.

rdgneoz31588d ago

An American company pushing an American product, not really new. Seeing as the PS4 doesn't need help selling itself, they have to sell their stock some how.

Spotie1588d ago

How else do you think Microsoft has remained in the industry?

n4rc1587d ago

Ya and how do you suppose they got all that money?

Audiggity1588d ago

"Money talks clearly."... I love these conspiracies that MS is just paying retailers in cash to push their product more. Come on.

Certainly there is shared benefit to this giveaway, MS is definitely paying for more of it, but does any one stop to think why Gamestop would be motivated to sell more X1's? (As rgneoz3 stated, PS4's are selling just fine)

Attach rate! While there is modest money in the new game space, Gamestop kills it when it comes to pre-owned games. If the avg Xbox owners buys more games, then logic would dictate the avg Xbox owner buys more pre-owned games as well.

More P.O. sales = more profit.

jessupj1588d ago

I find it almost amusing you think it's some conspiracy to suggest MS is financially encouraging GS to push the xbone. It's just basic business economics. It's been happening for decades. And if you think MS isn't paying for this, you are extremely naive.

Following your logic we can apply it to the PS4 and ask ourselves why GS aren't pushing that console instead, seeing as it's a lot more popular.

Deadpoolio1587d ago

LOL Micro$oft does pay retailers to push their stuff more. What planet are you living on, having worked at GameStop I know for a FACT that they pay GameStop to put their stuff at the front of the store and to push their console to any consumer looking for a console

mhunterjr1588d ago

It looks to me like they favor selling products that they have in stock. The ps4 is selling extremely well, so there is less need for 3rd party promotion.

guitarded771588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

On the topic of promoting - Last gen, the GameStops I went to promoted 360 over PS3. On more than one occasion I remember them trying to sell 360's over PS3's. I don't know if they were paid to do this, told to do this from corporate, or whatever, but on one occasion a guy came in asking for a PS3, and the employee tried to hard sell him a 360 twice. He said "there are better games on the 360" and "more people game on the 360". They guy buying said "Just get me a PS3".

It makes me wonder if these partnership promotions include direction to push one console over another. Maybe a GameStop employee can shed some light.

DanielGearSolid1588d ago

I had the same experience with Ps3 and Ps4

It seems like every Gamestop around has a resident Xbox fanboy

MRMagoo1231587d ago

I dont know if its the same rules as in Australia but the staff here get paid commission when they sell specific products depending on what company has paid for it at the time, my guess would be MS have paid for it and the staff gets a bonus for how many they can push.

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Ripsta7th1588d ago

Seems like GameStop has been trying real hard to get rid of their Xbox units, I wonder if they aren't selling as expected or MS is just feeling generous this gen lol

soandsoz1588d ago

"Seems like GameStop has been trying real hard to get rid of their Xbox units,"

If GameStop is to be believed XboxOne is flying off the shelves :)

tgunzz1588d ago

Great promotion! I will have to check it out!

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