343's master plan for Halo 5: Guardians

At E3 last week, Microsoft executives and developers wouldn't talk much about Halo 5: Guardians, but we did glean some information about 343's approach to the upcoming Xbox One exclusive first-person shooter.

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ats19921637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

343 has exceeded my expectations with all this news about Halo since E3 like the master chief collection and how Halo 5 will be going back to Halos roots for the multiplayer. I cant wait to see everything they do with Halo 5.

SonofGod1636d ago

I hope 343 has contacted Martin O'Donnell and offered him a position to make a score for Halo 5.

Just like the good ol' days.

Mr Pumblechook1636d ago

Martin O'Donnell is a composer of such legendary ability he could score blockbuster movies. But it would be nice if he returned to Halo!

XiSasukeUchiha1637d ago

Halo 5 is going to fun, 343i you have fulfilled my wishes for a Classic Halo multiplayer on next-gen! Let's rock Halo 5 on my Xbox 1 when this game comes out.


My hope is that going back to remaking halo 2 and having to play and test it's MP will influence their game design of MP for halo 5.

die_fiend1636d ago

Have you guys seen Destiny? By the makers who left Halo for dead?

Kavorklestein1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Is that seriously a question? Activision spent 500 million in marketing, and it's pretty much the only shooter besides Halo and Call of Duty that's gonna matter this year, so again, is that seriously a question?

Maybe Destiny will be great, maybe it won't.
Who knows how big it will actually become.
But no matter how big it does or doesn't get, it will still bring to mind the question, was it worth ditching Halo for a breath of fresh air?

Or are some developers better at sticking to what they know?

I find it silly that Bungie ran out of Ideas for Halo, and yet 343 is able to build on the universe and actually get me more excited for Halo than I've ever been. If Halo 5 ends up as big and as great as it seems it's going to be, then I'll be asking you, does Bungie or Destiny even matter?

I could be way off the mark, so bear in mind I'm just throwing out ideas, and asking questions.

Destiny COULD be the next big thing, and Halo 5 COULD be a flop in it's own right.

We will have to wait and see..
but I think the thing I'm going to say to wrap up this little rant is, why hate on either game or studio when you can enjoy BOTH?

RankFTW1636d ago

Feel better getting that off your mind? :)

die_fiend1636d ago

I'm not reading all of that as I came to 'Activision spent 500 million in marketing,'

That's not the case I'm afraid, some of that money was spent making this game a Halo-killer.

I've just got no idea why anyone would get Halo when Destiny will be better in every conceivable way.

beerzombie1636d ago

There's no way Halo 5 will flop.

Nolando1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Id rather 343I work on Halo now to be honest. Bungie Showed that it was too hard for them to keep Halo interesting... Then they go and make Destiny which is a lot like Halo but open world...

Not saying it wont be fun but seriously has anyone seen how the vehicles handle EXACTLY like halo?

either way another issue is Bungie made 3 halo games on Xbox 360 and couldn't make the graphics look amazing. 343I knocked it out of the park on their first try. So I trust 343I now.

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Septic1636d ago

For over a decade, he wallowed in despair, as the legend that was Halo reigned supreme over all the realms. Absolutely nothing on his home world could even come close to its majesty. His resentment and insecurities continued to grow and grow as he desperately scrambled for any modicum of dignity, as he spewed vile words against the majestic title which spawned countless imitators and pretenders to the throne.

To this day, he wanders in despair, even fooling himself into believing that no such majesty exists. The gaping hole in his soul leaves a void that he desperately fills with anger and hatred.

He is forever lost. His tears more bitter than ever before.

christocolus1636d ago

Awww. That's so sad. I almost shed a tear. Man up Chief,now go kill that convenant scum and the forunners too.

Nolando1636d ago

I am so confused by your comment... I am hovering over the agree/disagree button but don't know what to do...

marlinfan101636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )


yeah we've seen and played destiny, its good but its no halo. thats for sure

plus this is a halo 5 article. it won't be coming out until probably a year after destiny, i think we'll have plenty of time to play both. unless the master chief collection takes up most of my time until halo 5

die_fiend1636d ago

Really? I played it and it was worlds better than Halo. Just look at the design of the characters and the world. Halo is identical now as it was when the 360 released (other than graphics were were much better in 4).

Destiny is something new and fresh. If you think that Destiny is inferior to Halo probably bought an Xbox One

Nolando1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )


Wow a sequel is similar in style and looks to its predecessors? SAY IT AINT SO!

OF course Destiny will be new and shiny... its different game (albeit with a familiar Halo feel) but it doesn't have to conform to already set boundaries from a previous game.

I am guessing its not ok for you to enjoy a game if its a sequel because its not NEW?

marlinfan101636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )


A alpha is worlds better than one of the best selling console franchises ever? Yeah im sure that's got nothing to do with you being a fanboy LOL

And I've got both consoles. Me saying halo is better has nothing to do with some allegiance to a console like you

LightDiego1636d ago

I need a Xbox One for this game!

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