EA Performed Well At E3 But Is It All In The Game

EA Games last week showcased the high profile titles that will be launched in the next 12 months and beyond. The Pre Show began with a quick look at Dice Studios new project Star Wars Battlefront.

Curiously Dice are working on this one whilst EA Studio Visceral Games, famed for the Deep Space series, have been hard at work developing Battlefield Hardline.

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Dan_scruggs1586d ago

EA's press conference seemed more like an ad for next years press conference.

colonel1791586d ago

Exactly! They had great games, but they were only advertising their announcement, instead of showing them. If they had, they would've had a great E3.

gaffyh1586d ago

Easily the worst conference tbh. Though there were aspects that were better than their previous conferences. Most notably, they didn't have any pointless celebrity appearances, and they were all business. I didn't like that they didn't announce names for new IPs or other games.

Summons751586d ago

I'm glad they got down to business and PR speak and plain out told us they were working on games but all the mini-docs were pretty boring.

OrangePowerz1586d ago

I found the EA conference horrible. It was like a pitch at a board meeting to get execs to green light their new games. It was full of games that we won't see for the next 1 1/2 - 3 years.

MysticStrummer1586d ago

EA performed well… in some parallel reality.