PlayStation Store Preview: June 17, 2014

E3 is over, and now you have to wait to play all of those great games. And even worse, there isn’t a lot coming this week to hold you over until they do eventually release. Although, EA Sports UFC will put you into a hold of its own and try and get you to tap. Aside from that, make sure you go through our PlayStation Plus section, as much of the Instant Game Collection will be changing very soon. Don’t forget to stock up on PSN credit for this week’s update.

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acharlez1682d ago

So long, E3. Hello, PlayStation PLUS!!

FanboyKilla1682d ago

You must means ps3 plus. My ps4 plus sucks soooooo baaaaad. For now anyways.

T3mpr1x1682d ago

I've enjoyed PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate and Stick it to the Man!, as well as Resogun. The PS4 Plus content is constantly getting better!

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1682d ago

YEah Pixeljunk suprised me because I enjoy it alot

TheRacingX1682d ago

I'm sorry but I have been disappointed with PS4 all year. we were supposed to get Driveclub and the Order at launch or right around, then delayed to 2014 then later 2014 now The order goes to 2015, All these new revolutionary new experiences in 2014....but what do we get instead? Dead Nation? Pixeljunk Shooter? Flower? The last of us remastered? are you freaking kidding me?? I've been there and done that on PS3.....and if you, SONY, think those are great games ( they are) then you should be promoting those games and a sweetly priced PS3.....not throwing them on PS4 to try to appease me or say 'look at all the games on PS4'...So what have I had EXCLUSIVELY for my PS4??? Resogun, Infamous, a half baked shooter and a half baked action platformer....everything else I can be playing somewhere else.....I drank the kool aid....

Deadpoolio1682d ago

Don't know where you pulled The Order out from, we were never getting The Order free not even for a split second did they ever say that.

TheRacingX1682d ago

I never said we were getting the Order for free, where in my post do I mention anything for free? I didn't even mention Resogun as free. You're assuming because I said Driveclub and The Order in the same sentence I was referring to the PS+ free version of Driveclub and added The Order as well. Wrong. I always knew The Order wasn't free or going to be given away, people on this site read whatever they want to believe whether its written there or not....