The Elusive Gamer Girlfriend

An opinion column via EGMR in which the author shares some of her best tips for dealing with a potential gamer girlfriend.

"It’s apparently every guy gamer’s dream; if the memes are anything to go by. A girlfriend (who is almost always super-hot by conventional standards) who miraculously loves gaming as much as you. What this translates to (if we go along with the fantasy) is days and nights filled with Call of Duty (semi naked) and then days and nights of really hot sex. This is not real. This is just the premise story for really bad porn."

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IRetrouk2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

I got a wife gamer, totally destroys me in the platinum department, its a sore subject lol (she has more time!!! Honest)

Gazondaily2213d ago

Lucky you.

I once had a girlfriend. I was playing Goldeneye with my friends. She asked; "what is this s***?" pointing at the game.

I dumped her.

Lol j/k.

She's dead.

IRetrouk2213d ago

When I met my wife all she played was the sims on pc, I showed her a better way lol, I regret it now though cause she takes over my stuff :-/

brando0082213d ago

That's awesome man, I hope to one day meet a woman with a passion for gaming. All the best to you and your wife!

IRetrouk2213d ago

Thank you, bubble for you.

Vladplaya2213d ago

I married a girl I loved and turned her into a gamer. Unfortunately she usually plays on console and I play on PC, so therefore she must be destroyed, there is no other choice...

Vladplaya2213d ago

Gee chilax guys, don't have to disagree with me, I destroy her with my penis, so its actually works out great for both of us kehehe

JackOfAllBlades2213d ago

A lot of people here are just jelly you actually have a living, breathing female in your nearby vicinity

MoveTheGlow2213d ago

She's absolutely right about the genre thing - sometimes we want to play the same thing, sometimes we don't get why the other actually likes a particular game at all, but the hard truth is there's only ONE television - someone had better have a good book on hand or at least an iPad.

catch2213d ago

This is one of the reasons the Wii U gamepad is brilliant for homes with one tv.

MoveTheGlow2213d ago

And finally the WiiU makes sense. Why they didn't market it this way is beyond me! Also, yeah, Vita!

MeteorPanda2213d ago

l am a gamer and if l'm dating another gamer...l wont rip up clothes at a bad break up..oh no l'll do something much know your pokemon and monster hunter files? bam. gone.

MeteorPanda2213d ago

isn't it scary how much hurt a gamer can inflict on another? lol

catch2213d ago

Truly terrifying! I feel lucky that none of the women I have dated felt it necessary to take such drastic action.

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The story is too old to be commented.