VR Fan Brings New Dimension To Gaming And Oculus Rift

New virtual reality fan that can work along with the Oculus rift brings smart wind to video games.

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LackTrue4K1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

"i would love then thing to blow air @ my nut sack"

P.S. This comment is better then most of XiSasukeUchiha's

IcedOmega131584d ago

combine it with an airflow controller and your nuts may never be sticky again.

masterfox1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

but still when we are going to have gaming accurate odors ?, that would add alot of immersion.

Kavorklestein1584d ago

It would be nice for mario games and happy worlds haha

But I wouldn't want it for all games lol
Imagine the smells inside the giant worm on Gears of War 2.
Or the stenches of some of the realms in Dante's Inferno.
Or maybe the smell of vomit from the enemies on left 4 dead. Or any game with death or rotting bodies or zombies

FlyingFoxy1584d ago

Where's the gloves i read about not long back, allowing hot/cold sensations as well as feeling texture or something.. haven't heard anything new about those unless they are still under development.

Milesprowers1584d ago

Need a VR Smell Simulator so you can smell your environment

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