The Big Interview: Confetti Interactive On Video Game Lighting, Graphics Rendering And More

"The video games industry is changing its approach towards video games development. More and more publishers are hiring third party consultants and experts to reduce development time and costs. Confetti Interactive specializes in advanced real time graphics research for the video game and movie industry."

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XiSasukeUchiha1678d ago

This interview was good to read, and thanks for the output.

Nocando1678d ago

May I ask what it is you actually do for a living? You are first to post on so many articles.

Pintheshadows1678d ago

The one thing I noticed during E3 was all the beautiful lighting in almost all the games, big and indie.

XtraTrstrL1678d ago

It was very interesting, and there's lots to take from this.

user56695101678d ago

On my phone site filled with ads can't even see article . I'm never going there again even on my PC gamingbolt banned

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