Destiny’s PS4 Alpha Extension Bringing “Expert Mode;” Servers Will Be Up and Down all Day

After extending Destiny's alpha for an unspecified amount of time, Bungie has now given more information on what you can expect today.

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KendrickLamar1583d ago

I'm so glad the Alpha isn't ending, I want to play it as much as possible. It's so f'ing fun!!!!

Abriael1583d ago

It is, but I'm pretty sure this is the last day :(

KendrickLamar1583d ago

Oh well, an extra day. Better something than nothing, right?

Pillage051583d ago

I hope not. I got invited to the alpha from amazon but my ps4 was shipped off for warranty work. :( Supposed to be back Tuesday so here's hoping i get to try it out at least.

Topshelfcheese1583d ago


I'm in the same boat, not getting my console back until tomorrow. Luckily I had a friend bring his PS4 into work last friday so I could try it out. Just waiting for the beta now...

ArchangelMike1583d ago

Definately going to be exploring till the Alpha officially ends? Absolutely loving this game.

Rhezin1583d ago

@pillage are you using the manufacturer's warranty? Do you just call Sony up and they send you a coffin or something? How does that work?

Pillage051583d ago

Yup. Call them up. Tell them what's wrong, and they send you a box. You need to put a copy of the receipt in with it for them to cover the work, otherwise you gotta put up your credit card info to pay for it. Then you just drop it off at FedEx, or whoever.

Topshelfcheese1583d ago

Its really easy to just do it online as well, then you don't have to wait on hold. I've had to do it twice in the last month. First one the disk drive failed and the refurbished console they sent me started freezing up and crashing within the first week. Bad luck this cycle for me, never had console issues before

Meltic1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

is there somebody who can spare a EU alpha code ?

Pinkdolphinyfg1583d ago

When will xbox one gamers get to enjoy the beta?

djplonker1583d ago

During the next beta 4 days after ps4 gets it sometime in july I think.

Ghost_Nappa1583d ago

July 21st, off topic: why do idiots have to disagree with playing the beta on the One.

cellfluid1583d ago

Lol i think its quite obvious

jmac531583d ago

This Alpha has been awesome. I can't wait to see what the Beta brings on July 17. Will be playing that till the Last of Us.

isa_scout1583d ago

Me to.... Really glad the beta starts before TLOU is released this way I don't have to choose between either one.Ill be playing the beta until TLOU launches then I'll be playing TLOU until Destiny launches....these two games are that good.