Opinion: It's Time to Stop Being Excited About The Last Guardian

"Our entire relationship with The Last Guardian began with hearsay and speculation. It should be no surprise then that five years later – seven years of development time – our relationship is still based solely on fond memories and lofty expectations. We can’t let this still be a PR lynchpin or an easy click magnet for us. We have to stop giving this property power."

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robtion1637d ago

This article is late. That time came and went a long time ago. I will stick to remembering shadow of the colossus and ICO fondly.

Ron661637d ago

No loss. A rule of thumb, no gameplay no release date = rumour. Nothing to get excited about.

Dspdspes1636d ago

Agree completely with you both.

Ma1nframe1636d ago

I have TOTALLY give up on The Last Guardian. E3 was their chance to let everyone know this game was still being developed and they couldn't even muster up a 30 second trailer...what a joke...This game will never see the light of day and IF it ever does, I will never buy it.

Jarrettjawn1636d ago

I guess the strangest part of the debacle is that Sony insists that its still happening. When is "the right time" for these people?

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