$500 Million Doesn't Guarantee a Good Game - Destiny's Budget Explored

GamersNexus: "With Activision sinking $500 million into Destiny, I would hope that it would be a ground-breaking, genre-defining, earth-shattering work of art, but from what I’ve been reading and seeing (through streams of the game), that simply does not seem to be the case. Looks like a shooter with pretty graphics."

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thehobbyist1588d ago

I'm willing to be that more than half of the budget is purely going to be for marketing. When this game is 1-2 months before launch. You probably won't be able to avoid seeing it.

rdgneoz31587d ago

Yep, you'll probably see ads during football (American) games once the preseason starts up and also on opening day. Also, during baseball games as the season ramps up towards the playoffs. You can bet a huge chunk is going towards marketing to make this game breaks records.

Debaitable1587d ago

It's 500mil for their 10 year plan with the game not just for launch.

LordMaim1587d ago

This is a point that most people gloss over. The budget likely spans a number of titles, expansions and DLC components in addition to marketing and support. All told the production quality is incredibly high and I had fun with the tiny chunk of gameplay they let us see in the Alpha. I can't wait to play the finished version in September.

LAWSON721587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

You are correct alot of the money is marketing.
$360M is marketing

admiralvic1588d ago

1) Nothing guarantees a game will be good. There are certainly factors that make certain things more likely (such as Bungie has a great track record), but nothing actually makes it a guarantee. If anything, a bigger budget simply means it will appeal to a lot more people, since they have to get a return on that investment.
2) Going off what you see in a alpha / beta and people are saying offline is never good.
3) Having checked out the alpha for a little bit, it certainly seems like an interesting game with a bit of potential. I don't see why everyone is suddenly expecting Destiny to not only reinvent the wheel, but create the flying car , but I suppose we're seeing people get more and more into crazy expectations.

saf1007921587d ago

Having only played the offline for a split second it seemed okay. But felt empty. Maybe thats because its not the finished product

ConfettiYeti1587d ago

I'm sorry you did not get a good feel for the game. Because after playing the "Alpha" for almost 3 days, that game is anything but Empty. I hope you are able to revisit it for the Beta and play through it, tons of loot drops and new equipment to be had. The shooter elements are spot on. The upgrading is rewarding but not very "deep". This game had everything I could want for it to have in a earlier build of the game than what's dropping in just a few months.

saf1007921586d ago

@confetti oh yea it definitely seems promising for sure. Definitely getting it. Incredibly polished for an "alpha" thats for sure lol. The competitive was a lot of fun too. Just hope theres bigger game modes with more people. The potential there is huge

JBSleek1588d ago

Sure but it means lots of marketing

kaozgamer1587d ago

I thought it was $500 million for the franchise?

grassyknoll1587d ago

It is, but lazy bloggers like a sensationalist headline to get cheap hits. Terrible journalism, if you call it that.

SilentNegotiator1587d ago

I didn't even know that until now when I read your comment and googled it.

Thanks, Game Journalism.

DanielGearSolid1587d ago

No offense but you cant really "explore" the budget when you have no idea how its being allocated.

But yea, there was the alpha and there will be the beta, for you to get some impressions on what you think of the game

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The story is too old to be commented.