Why Nintendo Won E3 in the Eyes of a PC Gamer

Overall, it was a pretty interesting E3 but for a PC gamer one company stood out from the rest by embracing it's own path.

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fluffydelusions1681d ago

I'm a PC gamer but even if I wasn't I still think they won and I don't even own a Wii U/3DS. Treehouse Live was great! I hope Sony/MS take note for next year.

randomass1711681d ago

Having those live streams from Nintendo reps was a very welcome treat. Seeing the games in motion and in greater detail was a fantastic idea and I hope they follow up on it the same way next year.

thehobbyist1681d ago

It really was a stroke of genius. Because while people see the CGI trailers from Sony and Microsoft and they're clamoring "WHERES THE GAMEPLAY?!" Those who were watching Nintendo's Treehouse streams got almost an hour of gameplay for each game.
And that is what gamers really want.

WiiUsauce1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

40 minutes of glorious Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay. Nuff said :)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1680d ago

So true,
I love E3-
but traditionally, after the Press Conferences everything after was less exciting.

With the Treehouse footage and stream everyday of E3 was a celebration of the event.
(And it was better than G4(RIP) because there weren't a bunch of naysaying or doom forecasting every time Nintendo was mentioned.)

I was sort of skeptical about the Treehouse idea at 1st but I can think of no other way to enjoy E3 in the future.
-I am sure Sony (of Sony Pictures) and Microsoft, will copy or re-think their own approach.

randomass1711681d ago

You know, I still don't agree that Nintendo won the show. But they put up one heck of a spectacle and I doubt anyone saw it coming. Maybe in that sense, all the attention they drew to themselves won them E3, and I'm truly excited to see what more they show in the coming months. One thing's for sure, Wii U looks a LOT more valuable now in the eyes of a lot of people it seems.

bobacdigital1681d ago

100% of what they showed was exclusive .. You wont be able to play any of the games they are releasing anywhere else. Also each of the games they showed on the show floor was playable an ran at 60 fps locked and the majority of them arent even complete yet. A lot of them are due next year lol .. so they will look even better on release.

80% of the games coming to the ps4 and x1 are coming out on the PC and can be played with better frame rate and graphic fidelity.

As a PC gamer first and an owner of a Wii U I can tell you their conference impressed me and if they didnt win the show they put on a performance that surprised the entire industry.

randomass1711681d ago

Trust me, I'm well aware. I will come out and admit that I'm rather biased on the matter. Sony's was my favorite but it's because I happen to be a Sony fan and I generally love what the show the most. However I am not unimpressed with Nintendo's conference since IMO they are a very close second and it's because they showed so much awesome stuff. The Zelda footage, Bayonetta's first game bundled with the second, Smash Bros., it was all amazing. And you're right, the vast majority of it was all exclusive to Wii U and that's a huge advantage for the console.

Loadedklip1681d ago

"100% of what they showed was exclusive .. "

And that is why Wii U should be the best choice as a secondary console to a PC, PS4 or XB1 owner.

bobacdigital1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )


I dont disagree with that notion. I always buy at least 2 consoles every generation. This E3 gave people reasons to either solo it or purchase it as a second console.

Nintendo doesnt need to win this war .. They just have to come out of it breaking even or setting up for future success. E3 was one step Nintendo took for the future along with possible profitability.

rdgneoz31681d ago

"80% of the games coming to the ps4 and x1 are coming out on the PC and can be played with better frame rate and graphic fidelity."

But if you only had a console and wanted to play some of the amazing multiplats that are coming out in the next half a year, you wouldn't be able to do it with a Wii U. No Far Cry 4, Evolve, Destiny, Witcher 3, AC: Unity, GTA, Dark Knight, Shadows of Mordor, etc. Sure you can play many on the PC, but not everyone has a "$1500 gaming powerhouse sitting next to" them...

Nintendo had the most exclusives shown, but they lack a ton of multiplats. They don't have a lot of 3rd party support and Ubisoft (one of their supporters) even admitted to holding back games till the system gets a larger install base...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1680d ago


Shouldn't it be primary system. If you are buying it for the must-have exclusives then filling the multiplats dudebro games in with PS4 or Xbone. Unless you buy system fot multiplats and not exclusives then yeah secondary.

lilbroRx1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

No. @Load

The PC is not a console. Do not lump it together with the PS4 and Xboxone like they are anywhere close to being on the same level as it.

There is no PC/PS4/Xbone. Its PC then PS4/Xbone/Wii U. Those are the 3 consoles.

I chose the one console this gen that was filled with games I couldn't get better versions of on my PC. For me, getting and Xbone or PS4 would would just be getting a lesser PC with far less games and less variety.

The only console games I generally buy are exclusives. I have over 140 games to go through in my steam library alone otherwise. Multiplats are always best on PC unless the dev is absolutely horrible and trying to pander to specific consoles owners(*couhg*sony*cough*) like I see so often these days.

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Catnip1681d ago

The thing about this E3 by Nintendo was the fact that it never ended for people who WEREN'T able to go to LA. That's why I really loved what they did. For some of the others, there was one press conference and then - that's it. That's all that their fans get this E3.

For me, I had an entire week where I could go on Twitch at (almost) any time and see some fresh, live gameplay from newly announced games. Combine that with the fact that they kind of had a press conference with the tournament AND the Best Buy promotion (which I did attend and got to play the new Smash Bros.), and this E3 was really about the gamers both near and far. I really appreciate it, Nintendo!

randomass1711681d ago

The sad thing is Sony and Microsoft both had playable demos on the show floor, but without a dedicated stream like Treehouse, you couldn't really get a feel for the games the way Nintendo achieved it. It was mostly press previews and those aren't fun IMO.

JBSleek1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

That moment when people think companies "win" trade shows...

Loadedklip1681d ago

XB1 lost e3 last year which carried over to the actual sales of XB1 vs PS4 so far.

JBSleek1681d ago

You don't win or lose trade shows though. No one wins CES or MWC.

It's so strange that gamers think you win or lose this event.

crusf1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

That moment when people don't realize how important it is to gain the most attention and help increase interest in a companies line up of games,accessories or console features and that the term "win" is used to express which company was the most successful at doing so.

Reeze1681d ago

The Treehouse Twitch chat was still one of the highlights for me. #exactly

randomass1711681d ago

I caught the Treehouse stuff on YouTube. What was going on with the Twitch chat if you don't mind my asking? :P

Reeze1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

50,000 people spamming "EXACTLY" (myself included), "grill" (whenever a girl appeared), etc... It was amazing.

Dubaman1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )


Reeze1681d ago

Exactly Grill confirmed Kreygasm

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