Mutant Football League Contest

If you would like to see your artwork in an upcoming video game, here's how to do it. Just enter this contest for Mutant Football League, and the winner will have his or her artwork featured in the game as well as other great prizes.

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Simco8761638d ago

Awesome series way back when. Hope it translate to next gen well.

legionsoup1638d ago

If you click the interview link, there are pictures and character models of the new game. It looks pretty awesome based on that!

DualWielding1638d ago

didn't know this was coming I used to love the cartoon when I was a child, never played the games though

Gh05t1638d ago

This was great for a faster paced Blood Bowl game. I remember playing the Blood Bowl board game.

I could be wrong and maybe they changed it but wasn't it called Mutant League Football?