Quick Time Event Episode 4 - Destiny or Battlefield Hardline?

The team discussed their impressions of Destiny's Alpha and Battlefield: Hardline's Beta. They had a chance to play them both all weekend and came to the conclusion that one is clearly better than the other. Did you get a chance to play them? What did you think?

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Matt6661582d ago

BF:H at least they added the smaller detail in like being able to see your legs and destructible environments

Guy1051583d ago

My favorite part was when they talked about playing Destiny

lmcontaldi1583d ago

God -- this Alpha really made a believer out of me!

I wasn't even considering getting this game beforehand.

dodgemoose1583d ago

Exactly how I feel. It was very low on my radar but now it's my most anticipated title.

danny8181583d ago

Destiny. Im don't with EA. BF4 is still pretty buggy. Im sure Desntiy and COD will be polished this time around

Guy1051583d ago

Danny818, are you saying you are done with EA? I think you are, but I can't be certain. I really look forward to Destiny myself.

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