FIFA 15: First Pure Gameplay Footage (Xbox One)

Watch first pure gameplay footage of FIFA 15.

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DeadRabbits2212d ago

I ain't getting fooled by EA again! No FIFA for me until the next World Cup in 4 years time!

WeAreLegion2212d ago

Spoiler alert. It looks like FIFA 14.

mafiahajeri2212d ago

You can't really say that unless you play it especially 24 secs of off screen gameplay!

JBSleek2212d ago

I mean football doesn't change year to year.

ssj272212d ago

and it plays like jockey haha fifa will never get it right.. is it that hard? that is that litle someting that they can't get it right and PES does..
I hope PES15 has every feature is polished.. no the game is actually finished from the start..

Linwelin2212d ago

The pitch looks loads better!

skydragoonity2212d ago

I hope it doesn't play like 14 though, 14 is too slow

Speak_da_Truth2212d ago

looks like fifa 14 that heel to heel flick hasn't change at all

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