Bayonetta 2 To Include The First Game On Disc In Japan

The Japanese version of Bayonetta 2 will include a physical copy of the first game, unlike the Western release of the game.

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randomass1711585d ago

Western release too yes please? No seriously, getting two discs is awesome. Hopefully they'll do the same thing in western territories.

randomass1711584d ago

Special edition maybe? XD

thehobbyist1585d ago

I hope Nintendo changes their minds for the west. Since I buy physical when I can it'd be a huge shame for it to be digital only.

randomass1711584d ago

I'd love it too. Just hate how people below are being so spoiled. I'd love a disc but if it's download only west side, I'm still happy just to get the first game. Something they didn't even have to give us for free. It's basically a collection at this point because every single copy comes with the first one.

thehobbyist1583d ago

Sadly I don't think it'll happen. Someone asked Kamiya(Bayonetta creator/director for those who don't know) over twitter if we'll get the discs in the western release and he banned their account.

deafdani1584d ago

Well, I won't look a gift horse in the mouth, so I appreciate having Bayo 1, even if it's only in digital form (still, disc would be nice). No biggie for me, though, I already played it on PS3... although I may play it again on Wii U if it's a superior version, like the 360 one.

However, I must admit... not having to hassle myself with game discs and just quick-loading Mario Kart 8 straight from the Wii U Menu (or Gamepad menu) is pretty damn convenient. I wish Nintendo just unlocked the NNIDs from the consoles. That would push me to buy even more stuff from them in digital form.

Nerdmaster1584d ago

The Wii U version is based on the 360 version, it runs at 60fps, and has extra costumes. It certainly is the superior version.

deafdani1584d ago

I hope this is true (and I expect it to). It would be great to replay Bayonetta 1 and have an even better experience than the first time. :)

randomass1711584d ago

I bought a couple of VC games recently and I must say I'm glad that Club Nintendo exists. Apparently they actually keep a record of your downloads, so even if your console goes kaput, they can still restore all of your downloads. It's a much more difficult process without Club Nintendo involved, but apparently that makes it a lot more painless. as for Bayonetta, I read Kamiya's tweets every once in a while and he indeed said that the Wii U version of Bayonetta 1 is based on the 360 version and definitely runs at 60fps. Not sure if it is locked though.

deafdani1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Club Nintendo is only for U.S and Canada, though. I live in Costa Rica, and I kind of cheated the system to have a Club Ninty account with my first Wii U.

That Wii U eventually got stolen, and I contacted Nintendo's customer service to see if I could recover my digital games. And they promptly closed my Club Nintendo account because I was a foreigner, and sent me a check for $100 to make up for it. :P

They were actually pretty damn nice to me, even if the process was pretty damn slow and a bit annoying. XD

Now I have a second Wii U, and made a new Club Ninty account, because I won't give up. Lol.

So, yeah, Club Nintendo is a nice option, but it's not universal, so it comes with A LOT of hurdles, especially if you're not in the U.S or Canada.

To give you a perspective, when I bought my replacement PS3 (previous one got stolen along with my first Wii U), within 5 minutes of having connected it to the internet, I was already downloading everything I had on my previous PS3, with my same user account of always. On the Wii U side, though, it took about a month to come to a satisfactory solution with Nintendo to get my check for $100.

It's simply not the same. :/

pcz1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

and people said i was stupid for expecting a disc to be included.

not everyone wants to download a game. not everyone can download a game. a physical disc is a win/win situation.

nintendo are only robbing the west of the actual disc to cut costs. and people defend it. laughable.

DoctorJones1584d ago

They could have gone the opposite route and only gave you the new game. Get over it, I'm sure it's not a real problem for you, you're just making a big deal out of it.

pcz1584d ago

point is, this time last week i was being verbally abused for making such an 'idiotic' suggestion that the game should be on a disc.

all those who called me an idiot are now eating humble pie :D

now they will be short changed when the game comes to the west. if they actually demanded a physical copy maybe we would get one.

Bubbamilk1584d ago

I know right? How dare people defend them for giving us all a free game..........again!!!!

And not a free game like trine 2 or don't starve...not a free indie title

2 games for the price of 1

It's also kinda bs that they don't charge me for online play

Oh and this one time my gamepad broke and nintendo had the nerve to send me a new one without charging me those freaking jerks.

But to be serious for a sec I'm sure there are many things to think about before being that wasteful as a business. Is the disc really needed in our modern world. Not to mention your name pcz u can't tell me u don't have some flash drives laying around. Take one and write bayo 1 on it just to not feel ripped off or whatever. Whatever it takes buddy....whatever it takes

I'll just be happy to get a free game

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1584d ago

IMO, they're giving a free game. So if they want to cut costs don't whine about it.

randomass1711584d ago

Why are you complaining about a free game...? Getting a disc is pretty much just a bonus and the series is more popular in Japan than the west as far as I know.

pcz1584d ago

ugh.. im not complaining.

im just pointing out the irony that last week i asked if the bonus game would be on disc, and people were ripping into me, saying it was the most stupidest thing they ever heard to expect the game to come on a disc.

now a week later, its coming on a disc.

just thought id point it out so all those who ridiculed me can enjoy a nice big slice of humble pie.

marloc_x1584d ago

My hard drive is ready..

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DivineAssault 1584d ago

Such BS if we get a download voucher in the US.. I want the physical copy

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