Watch Dogs Review - CalmDownTom

"It’s an amazing idea; chasing all over an open world taking down unscrupulous people who have no problems in taking advantage of the man in the street. Although changing the location from London to Chicago is a bit weird. I wonder if you will get to play as the two weird guys who wear leather and ride together on the one bike. Or will you get to play as the person who sneaks out to surprise the dodgy plumber who’s just fleeced a granny for four hundred quid for a plastic ring. I also wonder if Ann Robinson will do her own voice wor…. Wait, what? It’s not based on the telly programme that exposes dodgy workmen? Oh! It’s called Watch Dogs NOT Watchdog. Oh well (BBC, take note, I would totally play a game where a rogue Ann Robinson sorts out the baddies in the name of consumerism!)" says CalmDownTom

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