PlanetSide 2 will have incentives for PS Plus members

GameZone: "When PlanetSide 2 launches for PS4 later this year, it will be free for everyone regardless if you're a PlayStation Plus member or not. However, PS Plus members will receive some sort of incentive for playing, according to PlanetSide 2 executive producer Clint Worley. Additionally, there's going to be a different membership program for the game, separate from the SOE All-Access Pass (since that only applies to PC), that's going to be available for all PS4 players."

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oODEADPOOLOo1682d ago

Im still wondering if they'll let you port items bought from PC version.

GundalfDeGrej1681d ago

I think they've said previously that you can't :(

Chuk51682d ago

I actually predicted this..

BlingBlaine1682d ago

OMG the wait is killing meeeee!!!

MasterCornholio1681d ago

I hope it's a monthly allowance to buy items in the store.


The 10th Rider1681d ago

I wouldn't expect anything TOO big, I'm sure the developers know majority of their PS4 players are going to have PlayStation+ and the developers still need to make money.

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