Destiny’s Screenshots of All Faction/Class Weapons and Armor Show That Bungie Hasn’t Lost its Touch

One of the elements that made Bungie games popular is the design of its weapons and armor, coming with a science-fiction feel, but characterized by an unique flair that often looks almost fantasy-ish. With the departure from the Halo series, looks like they retained that peculiar touch moving on to Destiny.

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Neonridr1584d ago

Awesome post Abriael. Love the look of this game so far. Can't wait for the Beta.

ArchangelMike1584d ago

This game is absolutely beautiful. Is anyone else getting a Mass Effect meets Start wars vibe? I'm loving it, can with for release. I'm all over this baby!!!

Neonridr1584d ago

and yet still reminds me of Halo in ways too.. :P

Guess they can't shake that stigma.

Aceman181584d ago

i'm loving the beta so far. when playing i do get a ME meets SW vibe. it's just plays so smooth.

XiSasukeUchiha1584d ago

Beautiful armor designs as always Bungie.

Milesprowers1584d ago

This game is gonna be another DLC/Micro purchase fest.

betrayed gamer1584d ago

where do you see that in the game? im in the alpha and armor and guns have to be bought with in game money not your money. you have to level and farm glimmer, or pvp points to get armor and guns.
At most they may allow micro transactions for the lazy, or the casual gamer but i dont see where you pull dlc micro purchase fest

Menkyo1584d ago

They plan on supporting this game for a minimum of the years there will be lots of expansions. I didnt get in on the alpha.

betrayed gamer1584d ago

those would be expansions. i dont see that as a bad thing.

audiophile1011584d ago

all i see is nothing but halo. Next!